Oh, Wayward One,

What shall be done,

When in a place

You always go away?

If one calls forth your name,

And pleaded that you stay,

Would your heart be touched,

Or would your dreams all fade?

Oh, Wayward one,

Where is it you head?

Do you lie in your bed,

Feelings all filled with dread,

Till at last you can then go away,

And leave that place whence you came?

Ah, but Wayward one,

Why is it you run,

Each night and each morn and each day?

Are you scared of your past,

Or will this be the last,

And a home will you finally make?

For the path has been long,

And your shoes are long gone,

And blood marks each footstep you make.

Yet you walk on and on,

With you're eyes forever gone,

And you're soul leaves dispair in its wake,

As your resolve lies shattered and you take

All that you have-you will break.

If you give any more,

You will fall to the floor,

And no movement you will be able to make,

So then stay by my side,

And In my arms you can hide,

Till your past you are able to face,

And your fears all are faded away,

Yes, here in my arms you must stay.