Krystina Lang swung her katana around, listening to it whistle through the air and hearing the slice of human flesh. The gang member fell to his knees, choking blood and looking at Krystina in surprise. She relished in that, that look of surprise she got whenever she made a kill. That's right, she wanted to think. I killed you. A sixteen year old girl killed you. She kicked the man in the chin with the toe of her boot, his chin snapping backwards as he fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood. Perfect. She loved messy jobs. It made it all so much more dramatic.

Turning on her heel, crunching broken glass and wood under her feet as she walked down the steps of the small Japanese shanai, glancing around. Her helper for the evening, Karu, was standing by the two motorcycles, looking skittish. The poor thing was so pretty. It was a pity she had to die.

"Hello, Karu," Krystina spoke in perfect Japanese. Her father had been Japanese, and he'd taught her everything she needed to know. "Thank you for waiting." Karu bowed, glancing at Krystina with huge brown eyes. It was so sweet how Karu looked up to her. Tucking a piece of dark hair behind her ear, Krystina raised Karu's chin up with the tip of her sword.

"Please, mistress!" Karu pleaded, whimpering and clasping her hands in front of her. She sunk to her knees, the sword still pressed against her neck. "I will do anything!" She shouted, this time in English. Sighing, Krystina spoke regretfully.

"I'm afraid that you will have to die." Then she thrust her sword forward and Karu choked, falling just as the gang member had. Krystina put her sword back in the sheath, slinging her leg around the seat of the motorcycle and gunned the engine, peeling away from the scene, laughing.


"The Hyena has struck again!" Beck Bryson yelled as he ran into the headquartes of The Agency. That was what everyone called it anyway. No one knew the exact name, not even Bryce. So everyone just called it the Agency. However, everyone knew who the Hyena was. She was the deadliest and youngest assassin in the entire world. From what Beck could tell, because he hadn't been one of the lucky few to look at her case file, she was at least a year younger than he was, and he was only seventeen.

Holly Prynn, one of the few people at the Agency his age, turned from her station and looked at him with a "duh" look on her face. Beck immediately felt sheepish, and a bit angry. He was thought he was the only one to gain intelligence on the killing of a fifty year old diplomat in Japan, but that wasn't true. Now he looked like the rookie idiot he didn't want to be.

"Beck," Holly said, turning back to her computer. "You should really stop trying to impress people and just do what they tell you." Holly was a hacker and intelligence gatherer for the Agency, which was what most girls turned out to be. She had once pursued a brief career as a field agent, but when she couldn't kill someone and Beck had to cover for her, she gave it up. But Beck could tell she missed being in the heat of the action.

"I agree with the kid," said Jason Finch, walking up and sneering at Beck. "So go get me some coffee, rookie." Beck gritted his teeth and turned to go. "Oh, rookie!" Jason yelled after him. Beck turned and saw Jason smirking at him. "They want you in The Office first."

Beck's heart stopped. Why'd they want him there? You only went to The Office if you were being briefed for a mission, or being fired. Beck swallowed hard. He hoped with all his might that it was the first option. Even as he walked to The Office, Beck went over the things he had done in the last couple of months. Trained, trained, gotten into a fight with Jason, trained. Nothing major. Except maybe the fight, of course. He reached the heavy wooden door faster than he liked, and reached up to knock. Director Haynes's voice answered before he even touched.

"Come in, Agent Bryson." The door swung open to reveal Director Haynes seated at the end of a long table, alone. Beck stepped inside the door, glancing over his shoulder as the door shut. "Sit down," Director Haynes ordered. Beck sat at the other end of table. The Director was silent for minutes, just staring at Beck through his silver rimmed glasses, examining him. Beck squirmed slightly, clearing his throat.

"Sir-" He started out, but the Director held up a hand. Beck clamped his mouth shut, waiting for him to say something. Anything would be nice really, rather than him staring at Beck like this. After a while, the Director spoke.

"I'm putting you on the Hyena case." Beck couldn't believe his ears. He was being sent after Krystina Lang, the Hyena, the most deadly assassin out there. Something slid across the table and Beck looked down. Her case file. Beck reached to pick it up and stood. "I'm depending on you, Bryson. Everything you need to know is in that file. Now go. Leave." The Director turned his chair around, his back to Beck. Beck scrambled out of The Office and gave a huge woop as he walked back into the main HQ section. Holly narrowed her eyes at him.

"What're you so happy about?" Beck said nothing and merely threw the Hyena case file down on her keyboard, probably messing up whatever project she was working on, but he didn't care. And apparently, she didn't either because she squealed and hugged him tightly. "Oh, Beck, this is wonderful." She went to open the file, bit her lip, and handed it back to him. "You open it first." Beck reached down to answer it when Jason's voice came from behind him.

"Where the hell is that coffee?"