The Waking Dream

Whisper to me words of hope,

To this forlorn young girl who cannot seem to cope,

With the wonders she possesses and over secrets she distresses,

Hoping that your love will not be abused.

Hoping that your love it will reign true.

For a gift she was given,

And the world has turned to heaven,

Her life has changed to gold before her eyes.

She was given the world by perfection,

And crafted a life of reflections,

Where reflections have stopped leading to dismay,

And the memories have grown in greater light each day.

Alas this is the hope she was given,

And now the truth seems so vivid,

Yet she fears it will all fade to grey,

So this girl she will dream tight,

Till the darkness destroys all light,

And silently she will call your name,

And calmly she'll dream till she wakes.