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It was a pretty average Friday night for me. My parents were on dates, not with each other I might add. They didn't know I knew that. I was dropped off at my twenty-six-year-old brother's place because, at fifteen, I couldn't possibly know how to make Mac 'n' Cheese by myself. I was hiding upstairs in the guest room because Emmett's friends were over, playing some dumb game they play every week and I honestly didn't need all of that gay right up in my face.

I'm not homophobic or anything. I was practically raised around my brother's lifestyle or whatever you want to call it. I just didn't enjoy watching guys try to casually make out with each other.

However, I was going to have to risk the chance of getting drawn into it because it was way past my dinnertime and his friends hadn't left yet.

I had just crept down the stairs, not even into the room where they were in, when I heard a couple of his friends saying, "Is that Darren?"

I ignored them and tried to go about my business getting dinner.

"Hey Darren," a female voice cut in and I actually turned around for it. Joy stood near the kitchen table with a sweet smile on her lips. I had no idea she was over. "Want to come play with us?" she asked, her smile turning into a playful smirk.

I nodded dumbly. Joy was a hot redhead with double D's—basically the impersonation of my wet dreams. She beamed and took my hand, leading me into the other room.

"You want some pizza?" she said, already making me a plate and handing it to me. I took a bite, smiling and sitting down on the floor next to her. I could tell she was more than a little tipsy, but it was kind of cute. It wasn't hard to get her to laugh when she was drunk like this and when she laughed her breasts bounced pleasantly which wasn't a bad sight to see at all.

"Pizza is always amazing," I said, taking another bite. She giggled like I actually said something entertaining and I watched her boobs move beneath her shirt. Seriously, it was a waste she practically only partied with gays. They didn't appreciate what they had.

"Hey, sexy, you hanging with the big boys tonight?" Jonathan said, moving closer to me. His breath reeked of alcohol and he never really knew what boundaries were. And then, almost as if his brain switched channels, he snapped back. "Okay, where were we?" He looked around the circle and his eyes lit up. "Emmett!"

"Truth," my brother said with a half smile, leaning back on his elbows. I smirked. I knew he chose it because I was in the room. The fact almost made me laugh out loud.

I could see the disappointment in Jonathan's eyes but disappeared quickly when a spark ignited them again. "What is your favorite position?"

My brother, who was taking a sip of beer, choked slightly before glancing at me and looking back to Jonathan. "What?" I could tell he was uncomfortable with answering the question in front of me. Served him right. As if I couldn't hear things up in the guest room.

"Favorite sexual position go—wait, top three in order," he said, adding more depth to his question.

My brother's eyes rolled and he sighed. "Reverse cowboy, sixty nine, and—what the hell, I'm a traditionalist—missionary."

Jonathan nodded shortly. "Fuck or be fucked?"

"Only one, Johnny!" Joy said, reaching across me and pushing his shoulder, her breasts rubbing against me in the process. I was pretty sure she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Fuck, always fuck." My brother grinned back at Jonathan. I was fairly certain he was flirting and hearing the words come from his mouth made me feel weird.

Joy giggled next to me and laughed at the nonchalant way the words slid out of his mouth. My brother raised an eyebrow in response and turned his attention to his friend, Trevor.

"Truth or dare, Trevor," he said, a bit of singsong in his tone.

"Dare," the young man answered, taking a sip of beer.

My brother's eyes twinkled as he thought up a challenge. "Give a blow job to a dildo."

"You wouldn't have one by chance, would you?" he said in response and there was something in his voice that made me cringe.

My brother's lips slanted upwards. "No, but if memory serves right, you keep one in your car."

I groaned. I so did not need to know that! Seriously, did they forget I'm in the room? Shouldn't my brother be shushing them, trying to preserve my innocence? He really didn't get his job did he?

"Oh wait, Darren!" Kyle said, eyes lighting up. "We have to work you in." He paused, turning to Trevor. "I didn't mean you had to wait on him. Go get the vibrator. I'll think something up for him while you're gone," he said, ushering him out the door.

"Hmm… So, truth or dare?" he asked me when Trevor left the house, going off to his car and leaving the door open.

"Uh… Truth?" I said, not trusting him enough to pick dare.

Kyle opened his mouth but my brother interrupted. "Go easy on him, Kyle."

Kyle rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out at him. "Hmm, well then, damn it. Okay, I got one, I got one. Tell us all the gory little details of your first time."

"What?" I said, horrified. "How is that going easy on me?"

"Okay, then you can talk about my first topic. Describe your dick: length, hard and soft, width, feels, taste if you know that, and I guess how you masturbate with it."

My face flushed completely. "What?"

Kyle fluttered his eyelashes at me. "Or you can just talk about the first time you—Hey, Trevor, go ahead, we'll let jailbait think about his topic while we watch."

Trevor returned with a long light purple object in hand. He just smiled and wiggled his eyebrows at me. He waved the dildo. "Ever used one of these, little buddy?"

Joy in her drunken state fell in my lap and covered my mouth. "Don't answer him. It's not your official question," she said, nodding her head.

Everyone in the room laughed a little before a vacuum of silence took over the room with one little click of an on switch. Trevor kissed the end of the dildo before making one long lick from top to bottom. My eyes were glued to him. Even if I was straight, I couldn't look away. The way he was worshipping the piece of plastic—I wanted to say it horrified me but I'd be lying if I said that. It was erotic. He let his eyes slide shut as he pushed the object into his mouth, hollowing his cheeks and sucking.

Okay, I could explain the bulge that was forming in my jeans. Basically, I was watching porn. Sure, it was a guy and a plastic sex toy but a mouth is a mouth, right? Not much difference there. You know what? There was no difference in mouths. I'm a guy; I can't help that my body reacts.

His mouth came off the tip with a little pop and before he caught me staring, I threw my attention onto Joy's face. Her lips were slightly parted and wet-looking. I looked at her shirt and saw two perk nipples pushing against the fabric. Fuck, she was hot.

"Okay, Darren?"

I snapped out of my daze. "Uhh. Right."

"Which one?" Kyle asked, tilting his head.

"Um," I paused. "Uh, well, I guess—I don't know."

"For the love of god, just talk about your first time," Emmett said, sounding irritated. I'm sure he would have rather I went back to the guest room, or even better my room at our parent's house so he could mess around with his friends a bit more.

"I—uh …" I tried to think up a lie but my mind was void of imagination and all that stared me down in my head was plain fact. "I—uh, I …" I licked my lips. "I never, uh, had one?" I said weakly, giving up on trying to bullshit my way out of it.

"You're a virgin?" Jonathan asked dumbly, giving my body a once over and making me squirm a bit.

I nodded and prepared myself for the onslaught of jeers and dirty jokes.

"Oh, how cute!" He ruffled my hair. "I can help you with that cherry if you want." He winked.

"Wait, wait, wait! Blowjobs and handjobs count," Kyle said. He looked at me, expecting a different answer. When I said nothing, his eyes widened. "Both giving and receiving?" he tried. "Fingering?" I still gave him no response. "Humping. Tell me you humped the shirt out of someone once."

I tried to say that I had but the words wouldn't come out. Instead, I said, "I made out with a girl once, at a dance." The phrase 'make-out' was a bit of a stretch. She had jumped on me and kissed me, lasting only a few seconds before I pushed her away.

"Well, fuck. I was only thirteen when I gave my first blow." Kyle looked at me with curious eyes.

I snorted. "Well, I guess I'm not a slut."

"If I'm a slut," he said, eyes narrowing and mouth quirked, "What does that make the guy I gave it to?"

"Okay, guys. I, for one, think it's sweet my baby brother hasn't lost his V card," Emmett said, defending me.

Jonathan snorted. "I bet you do."

"A bigger slut?" I said, answering Kyle's previous question and trying to make it seem like I was unfazed by him.

All eyes shifted to my brother. Oh.

Well, fuck.

Emmet sent me a look that could seriously kill me. "Actually, it makes me lucky. He has a better mouth than you can imagine, little virgin."

"Moving on!" Joy said, trying to reduce the tension. "Darren, truth or dare? Dare, Darren. Pick Dare." She giggled.

"I just went," I said.

Joy nudged out her bottom lip. "Yeah, but you just joined the game. Come on, pick dare!" she whined and put her head on my lap, bumping what was left of my boner from earlier. Most of it was gone but with the slight tap of her head and the sight of her mouth so close—

"Fine, dare," I said.

She flew up and pecked me on the lips. "Thank you!" She bounced back to sitting up, making me kind of disappointed. "I know something really hot." Her smile grew and glanced at Emmett. "Make out with Emmett," she said slyly, almost as if she was innocent.

My eyes widened. "What?" I said, alarmed and praying to god I heard wrong.

"Oh damn, that would be hot!" Trevor said in a hiss. I saw my brothers eyes flick over to the tiny frame it came from.

"Come on! It would be hot," Joy insisted.

"But we're brothers," I said, horrified. Not to mention I'm pretty sure two seconds ago he wanted to kill me.

She nodded. "That's the point. Look, you think if sisters were to make out, it would be hot, right?"

Yes. Yes, I would, but that was not the point.

"Please, Darren, it was a dare," she begged again.

"Yeah, Dare-Dare, don't be a pussy," Kyle added.

Fine, I would get it over with. I walked over to my brother who had moved to the couch. I pecked his lips like a normal brotherly kiss.

"Oh, that's not making out!" Kyle complained.

I tensed and pushed my lips against Emmet's for a few seconds, focused on getting it over with.

This time, when I pulled back, I heard a chorus of groans behind me.

Emmett grabbed my shoulders and shifted himself, moving me beneath him. I was just about to try to struggle out of his grip when he leaned down to my ear. "Don't move. They'll just make you keep going until we do this," he whispered, his voice low and with a bite to it. He kissed my neck and let his fingers run along my arms before grabbing my wrists and moving them above my head. "Let me do all the work. Just close your eyes and imagine someone else is touching you."

I did as I was told and I felt my brother nudge my legs open so he could lie between them. I could feel his heart beating fast as he pressed against me.

Good. I wasn't the only one who thought this was uncomfortable and awkward. I'm pretty sure mine was beating just as fast. I didn't think this could any more weird.

It was hard to pretend he was someone else. His hard chest made certain of that. His cologne wasn't helping either, even if it did smell unbelievably good. Like rum and peaches. I'd have to do some detective work and get some like it. The girls at school would go crazy.

I gasped as his tongue traveled alongside my neck and to a sensitive spot right behind my ear. My eyes snapped open and when they did my mind couldn't grasp what I was seeing.

Joy was rubbing her breasts with her hands as she sat on her foot, rocking back and forth. I think she was masturbating. Fuck. I moaned and felt myself grow hard.

My brother snorted against my skin and nipped at my ears. "Oh," I groaned when he bit down lightly.

Joy took off her shirt. Joy took off her fucking shirt. Her boobs were out and I could see them.

My hips bucked involuntarily and I tried to apologize but Emmett just ignored me and started kissing my lips. He was a really good brother, doing this for me and letting me stay to watch Joy. I mean, I thought as soon as he saw his friends were getting off on this he'd send me upstairs. But no, he—

"Fuck, Joy! Kyle! All of you—" He covered my eyes. "He's fifteen, guys. Think! Don't do that stuff in front of him."

He got off me and pulled me up to my feet before ushering me to the stairs. "Get up the stairs!"


"Now!" he yelled and gave me a rough shove.

I hate him.

In my room, I listened at the door as he started yelling at his friends. I heard a couple of people arguing with him but it didn't last long before I thought I heard all his friends leave. There was a moment of silence before I heard him go up the stairs.

I opened the door to talk to him when I noticed he wasn't alone. Actually, he still had Jonathan and the two other boys with him and by the state of my brother's hair and clothes, I had a very good guess at what was happening.

I threw myself on the bed and tried to forget what was happening outside the door. "Gross, gross, gross!" I chanted into my pillow before sitting up and rubbing my lips vigorously. Oh my god, that was disgusting, why did I do that?

An image of Joy popped into my head. "Oh, right," I whispered to no one. My life sucked.

I hate Fridays.

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