The Ancient Kings of Old

Lying dormant in the ground

Bones and fossils do abound

Sleeping there eternally

Never again the light to see

Here a leg and there a skull!

What powers did so cruelly cull?

Who did throw out the throne of

The ancient kings of old?

An egg that shall ne'er hatch

To one another, the tyrants latch

Silent roars caught in the throat

The open land the sandstorms coat

A spray of grit through the air flies

And slowly, slowly the monarchs die

And slowly, slowly the soil buries

The ancient kings of old

Their skeletons form a wondrous palace

A shattered egg a holy chalice

They reign ne'er more o'er land and sea

Their castles in ruins among the petrified trees

Hiding beneath Earth's crust so thick

Surely their story is one most tragic!

Who shall in days to come remember

The ancient kings of old?