Islands Inside Me

Sometimes I feel

As though there are islands inside of me

And all I have to do is go inside myself

If I wish to be free

There I am creator, legend, queen and saint

And everything's changeable, colorful

Like fresh wet paint

I feel the wind against my face

And smell the deep sweet smell

Water running under my hand

Ripples where petals fell

Sometimes I feel the islands are too big

To keep within my heart

But I have no way to share them

Where would I even start?

I've been on a journey to find a way to share

This place no one else knows, this place where

I can escape and rest in peace

Where I'm always in control

There, I'm always needed

When the day takes its toll

But it's too big for music, words or pictures

It's too big for my heart, and too big for yours

Maybe one day I'll find someone to share

This weight with me

With all its joys and all its pains and what it

Means to be free