No Matter

No matter what the measure,
Be it kilometers or miles;
However long the road may be,
Or how full or tears or smiles…

No matter how long the journey,
Be it hours, weeks or days;
However far I'm made to travel,
Or in whatever manner of ways…

No matter how much it costs,
Be it my very life at stake;
However thin I'm made to stretch,
Or how often my heart breaks…

No matter how much it hurts,
Be it sharp or a dull, throbbing pain;
However much I am made to suffer,
Or how close I come to going insane…

There's no distance I won't overcome,
No length of time I can't endure;
There's no cost or pain I can't live with,
Of this all, I am quite sure.

For you, I'll wait patiently
Until all the long miles have passed…
For you, I'll wait forever,
'Til all the sand's run from the hourglass…

For you, I'll wait without batting an eye
At the price we may come to pay…
For you, I'll endure all the hurt
That life may throw our way…

So no matter what the circumstance,
And no matter what others may say,
That is how it has to be,
Because love knows no other way.

L. Sherman