Well, here I am with another story that's been annoying me for a while. Yes, the chapter is short, which is new for me. And this is more of an indulgent thing than anything else, so the plot is ... yeah. But it'll be explained more at the bottom, okay?

WARNINGS: This story will contain murder scenes, albeit not that graphic murder scenes as well as (maybe) swearing and homosexual activities.



The breeze carries a fresh scent of sea salt with it. The rays of weak December sunlight pierce the clouds and reflect off the snow on the ground. The street is mostly deserted, except for two small boys, bundled in winter gear, kicking at snow and slipping on ice.

"Michael?" the shorter, brown haired boy says, voice dripping with cold.

The taller boy doesn't respond, but turns his attention to his companion, blue eyes curious in the weakening light.

"We're friends, right?"

Michael looks taken aback by the question, but a smile splits his face, his already rosy cheeks flushing pleasantly with colour. "Of course we are, Jake."

"We'll be friends forever, right?"

Michael's smile widens, showing two missing front teeth. "Of course."

to be continued ...

I decided to go about this story differently. Well, by that I mean I don't want to spend hours writing stupidly long chapters, so I'm actually going to try shorter chapters. I hope nobody really minds. Of course some will be longer than others, and some will be even shorter than this.

But if I do it this way, I can update every day. Considering of course, that I don't get lazy or forget or die or ... something else that will inhibit me from taking two minutes to post a chapter.

Oh, and just to mention, this will be one of those really cliche, really predictable plot type of romance just because I really, really wanted to try my hand at something like this, and that's what came out. So, I'm sorry and I hope I don't lose readers because of this, but you don't have to read if this bothers you.

Heh, this note is longer than the actual chapter isn't it? Well, whatever.

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