You were a guy that was almost too special.
And sometimes, like now, I actually wished
You could be a Christmas present,
All shiny edges and newfound pleasure,
Something that could easily fade with seasons.
But spring came and I still smiled,
And couldn't stop when you held my hand.

I swore I would never move on afterwards.
It seemed like nothing had changed,
My mouth still wanted to kiss that chipped tooth,
I still wanted your hand pressed into my hip,
And your grey eyes to pass my smile,
I ached to feel the weight of your
Smirk burning on my lips.
I still wanted you.

I couldn't pinpoint when it changed,
Only remembering waking up in a heated flush,
To the sound of his name in my throat.
Clutching the sheets in a bruising grasp,
I squeezed my eyes shut, desperately praying
To get lost in the feel of his hands,
See those lips quirk as he pushed me higher,
And to watch the deepening of lust
Morph those brown eyes.
I wanted him.

Deadweight 8/22/11

A/N: Undecided on the title.

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