Author's Note: This poem has been rated "M" for sensitive subject matter and content.


The girl is asked to write,

About a favourite memory.

She is asked to write about a time,

That she was very happy.

It had to be a time when she could say,

That the "world was all mine."

It had to be a time, when the world wasn't cold.

It had to be a time, when she was someone's to hold.

She sits with her pen in hand,

Not writing, not moving, just lost in thought.

The teacher comes up from behind and asks,

"Why aren't you writing, Abbey?"

The little girl looks up at her teacher,

"Nothing to write about."

The teacher doesn't understand.

Abbey looks back down,

And doesn't make a sound.

"No happy times?" the teacher asks.

Abbey can tell that she is getting worried.

"Only when Mummy isn't with him,"

Abbey says.

The teacher gives her a look,

As if to tell the child, she's not off the hook.

The little girl rolls up her sleeve,

"See," she tells the teacher.

The looks horrified,

There is an ugly bruise on the little girl's arm.

"I have no happiness," Abbey says.

The teacher promises to end her sad days.

Abbey covers up the bruise.

"There can't be a God," Abbey claims.

The teacher looks at her,

"Why can't there be?"

Abbey stares the teacher in the eye,

"If there was, He wouldn't let this happen."

The teacher hugs Abbey,

"There is a God."

Now, it's Abbey's turn to look.

"He brought you to people who will help you."

Abbey doesn't completely understand,

But she knows that they will help.

She trusts teacher more than anyone,

And knows that no harm will come.

Teacher will help to heal the hurt,

Teacher will save her.

If teacher does that, then maybe she'll believe,

And make a wish upon a star,

And believe that dreams come true.

Maybe, just maybe...