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Experiment Between Two Lab Rats (working title)

Golden eyes stared through the gloomy hallway at the boy. He stood frozen, eyes incredulous. The wolf snorted, air drawing deeply into it's lungs. The boy moved slowly onto the balls of his feet. The animal, which he could not see, tensed. It's nostrils flared again, it's ears cocked forward. The only thought in the animal's mind was:


By contrast, the boy was thinking of many things. He was calculating how fast he could run, where the corridor led, and where it would be best to allow the animal to bite him if he must. He assumed it was a large guard dog of some type, the man who owned this place was paranoid. But then again, he had good reason to be. With the serum he was in the process of developing, he could make millions. If he wanted to. But the man, the person the boy worked for, was not likely to sell the serum. He had other plans in mind. Still, the boy would have thought the old man would let them out of the building at night, at the very least. Still, the old man had warned them never to let their guard down. Perhaps training was not over after all. The boy turned to run, breaking eye contact at the last moment. It was perhaps the single most stupid thing he could have done. He made it to the end of the hallway, the dog at his heels. But the dog didn't reach out to bite him, which he thought was odd. He threw himself out of the window at the end of the hallway, shattering the glass and feeling it cut into his body. He cursed himself as he remembered he was five stories up and the serum they'd given him for today had already worn off. He braced himself for impact, but something barreled into his legs as he fell. To his astonishment, the animal that had been chasing him had launched itself beneath him.

Still, the boy had the presence of mind to wrap his legs around the animal. If it was stupid enough to launch itself at him, he was going to us it as a cushion. Almost as soon as he'd fixed himself, the animal twisted. He couldn't believe it. What sort of animal could turn itself mid air? Yet the animal was doing just that. It twisted, and they rolled sideways, and hit a balcony only two stories beneath where the boy had jumped. The animal did not stop twisting until they were on solid ground. By this point the boy was certain the animal had been given some of the serum. Only the serum could boost reflexes to this point. And something had made the animal smarter. Again the boy was surprised when he realized the animal had landed upon its' feet on the balcony, with him on top. The beast didn't move, and the boy could see for the first time what the beast was. It was an enormous canine, but he could no more correctly label this creature a dog than he could correctly call an elephant a small house pet. The markings were that of a dark wolf, but it was too big even for that creature. The animal still didn't move while he thought, except to shake it's big head.

Perhaps it had been ordered not to hurt Me? He thought.

As the boy tried to climb off, the creature jumped off of the landing and down to the ground below. He whooped, exhilarated despite himself at the speed and acceleration. Just as the canine landed, the side entrance the boy had originally been heading towards opened and a group of other youths came out chattering. Along with them came the old man who had hired them all. They all froze at the sight of the creature, except for the old man. He chuckled.

"I thought you were going to the bathroom, not for a walk Kiril. I did ask you not to wander the grounds while you were here." The old man admonished.

"I didn't wander. The creature found me." The boy, Kiril, replied calmly. One of the creatures' ears flicked back at him, and Kiril got the feeling it was annoyed with him. "Chased me straight out of the building." He added. The canine actually rolled its eyes at that. The old man laughed.

"Um...so are you going to walk back with us, Kiril?" One of the girls, Rina, asked. Internally, he sighed. Rina was pretty, but he wasn't interested. She couldn't seem to understand that. He climbed off of the canine. Kiril started to walk towards the others and the creatures' ears went flat. It started growling, and Kiril froze. Still, he had the feeling it wasn't growling at him. Rina backed up a bit. The old man held his hands up in a placating gesture.

"Come now, Lilja, he must return to his dormitories so he can sleep before his classes tomorrow." The old man scolded. The creature didn't stop, and stepped towards the others. "You had best go on without him tonight. I'll make sure he gets back to classes tomorrow." The old man sighed. Rina started to protest, and the old man's head whipped around. He glared at the girl, who went pale and froze. The others in the group pulled Rina away quickly. He could hear them muttering to each other as they walked back to the school. Long after Kiril could no longer hear the others, the canine finally stopped growling and sat. The old man began to approach them. The creatures' ears went flat again. He stopped.

"What's up with that, old man?" Kiril demanded. As of yet, he had not tried to move again.

"It seems our Lilja has taken a liking to you. Quite surprising, really. Usually she won't go near anyone who's ever used the serum...or the project itself. Do you mind, Lilja? It's hard to talk to you like this." The old man coaxed. The canine turned its' head away. "Stop acting like a child. You're leaving a bad impression." the old man scolded. Kiril couldn't help feeling sorry for the canine. The old man could be rather trying. Kiril sat down, and the canine, who was taller than him, looked over. It seemed to think for a moment, and then sat next to him. He offered his hand tentatively. The canine sniffed his hand and its ears perked up.

With a 'whumph'! The creature, Lilja, laid down next to him. Lilja rested its head on his knee and looked up at him with one big eye. Kiril couldn't resist. He reached out and petted the animal on it's side. The big blue eye slowly closed and he had a feeling that if the creature was a cat it might have been purring. It was not a cat, but its silence was profound. The old man started to walk over towards them again, and Lilja's lips drew back from its lips. A low growl slipped out once, even as it stretched so Kiril could reach just the right spot.

"I don't think it likes you moving towards us." Kiril noted. He hated to state the obvious, but at this rate the canine would attack the old man. And somehow he doubted the old man had any serum in him or any way to defend himself.

"She. She doesn't like me coming closer. I have realized that. But the two of you can't stay on the lawn forever." The old man sighed, as thought admitting defeat. "Alright, how about Kiril visits you after classes? He does have school, you know. As do you, Missy." He grumbled. The canine's tail thumped once. When the old man came closer, however; the creature growled again. "Lilja!" he said sternly. The creature ignored him. It did allow Kiril to stand up, but it walked beside him as he went to follow the path back to school.

"I can't have canines in my dorm room. Can't have girls, either, you know." Kiril informed the creature.

"Wolf. She's a wolf. Rare breed. You won't find it in National Geographic, that's for sure." The old man chuckled.

"Well, I can't have wolves of either sex in my dorm. I'll come here after school. You wait here like a good girl, and I'll be back around three." Kiril promised. The wolf whined at him, nudging his hand with her head. He chuckled. "I promise." He added, as though the wolf could understand him. Why not? If the animal had been given serum as Kiril suspected, it probably could understand him. The wolf cocked its head to the side, as though considering. Finally it reared back on its hind legs and braced its front paws on his shoulders. Looking into the enormous wolf's eyes was very unnerving. The intelligence he found there startled and scared him, even suspecting the wolf had been given enhancing serum. It leaned forward, and Kiril braced himself. He still didn't expect what happened. The wolf licked him. It licked him right on the mouth! He didn't gag, though. Something seemed to shift inside of him when the wolf licked him.

"Lilja..." The old man growled, and Kiril found he could understand the meaning behind all the wolfs' actions. As it sat deliberately on the ground, it was waiting for him to go and ignoring the old man on purpose. I can do whatever I want and you can't stop me, old man. The creatures' posture seemed to say. Kiril chuckled.

"I'll see you tomorrow, old man." Kiril laughed, waving as he walked away into the woods. The old man ignored him as he gave a thorough chewing-out to the wolf, who in turn ignored the old man in favor of watching Kiril walk away. Kiril shook his head and walked back to his dormitories. Outside of the dorm building, Kiril found Rina waiting for him with the others. It was Rina who ran up to him when he walked into view, though. The others gave him cool nods. Yes, they were a team, but only in the most basic sense. They'd lost many comrades to training who could not defeat the enemies and situations thrown at them. All of the group went through training knowing that some of them might not make it through the next session. This had the reverse effect of what one might expect. None of them were very close to the others.

"You're alright! We thought that dog might have eaten you!" Rina exclaimed. Some of the others rolled their eyes. Braiden stepped forward as well now.

"We were somewhat concerned too. It would be disheartening to lose you, captain." Braiden murmured. Kiril smiled. Coming from Braiden, this was almost a hug.

"I'm fine. And she's a wolf, not a dog. She liked me just fine. She just didn't take a shine to Rina." Kiril replied, a mischievous glint in his eyes. The others came forward now, seeing that everything was alright.

"Why would Mr. Adins' wolf only like one person?" Raj asked. Kiril shrugged.

"I can't saw for sure, but I don't think it's the old man's wolf. He certainly couldn't make it do anything." Kiril chuckled at the memory. "You should have seen the old man arguing with the wolf. It may have been one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Still, the wolf didn't seem to like Mr. Adin and more than Rina." Kiril added.

"Perhaps it's a territorial thing?" Michelle, another girl, offered.

"What do you mean, territorial?" Rina demanded.

"Well, the wolf's a girl, right? And it seems like the wolf's been given some of the serum. It seemed...to intelligent and too large to be a normal wolf, no matter what breed. I mean, Kiril could ride it. So maybe it's claimed Kiril? Besides, Kiril has dog drool on his face." Michelle said. The others stared from Michelle to Kiril and back. Kiril shrugged.

"It could be. Who knows how an animal injected with serum would act? In any case, I guess we'll find out. I'm supposed to go directly to the mansion after classes." Kiril replied casually, wiping his sleeve across his mouth. Braiden was grinning.

"Let me get this straight. You got kissed...by a dog." Braiden laughed.

"Wolf. It was a wolf." Kiril corrected, as though it mattered. The boys whooped and the girls shrieked disgust, except for Rina, who tried to promise Kiril she'd make it better. Kiril adeptly dodged when she tried to kiss him.

"One kiss is enough for a night! I don't kiss two girls within minutes of each other!" Kiril laughed. Rina had this furious look on her face.

"Yeah, one dog is enough!" Raj laughed at Rina. Again there were hoots and jeers. Kiril shrugged as Rina glared at him. She was nice enough in her way, but she wasn't his type. When the laughter had died down, the group split up. The guys went back into their dorm, and the girls headed off towards their own dormitories. Only Rina stayed with the guys.

"Seriously, Kiril, stop being a jerk. You know I like you. I joined this stupid program for you, I'd do anything for you." She pleaded. Kiril stopped and motioned for the others to go on. For some reason Kiril thought he head growling. He looked around, but couldn't spot anything. He turned his attention back to Rina.

"Rina, the only thing I want you to do is leave me alone. I've told you dozens of times that I'm not interested. There is nothing you could do to make me interested. Love isn't something you can force. I'm sure some other guy would be really happy to date you, but you'll never find out because you're just chasing after someone who isn't interested." Kiril told her, for the thousandth time.

"But I love you. I know we could work, if you'd just give us a chance!" Rina protested, for the millionth time.

"No, Rina. Leave me alone." He told her flatly, before turning and walking inside the building. Behind him, softly, Rina spoke.

"But I love you. We belong together. Forever." But Kiril didn't hear it, because he was already to his room and crawling into his bed.

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