Black tears roll on down an orange face.

And leave their sooty tracks upon her cheek.

Cheeks too pert from botox used too soon.

Some say her natural beauty's been defaced -

As now she pays for makeup every week

Bleach- blonde hair frames a face pale as the moon.

And yet despite no lack of "modern" beauty.

The poor girl feels so insecure inside.

That's why she often changes exterior.

Because she thinks it's expected - a duty -

To look like a Barbie, to have hair dyed.

And yet, despite this, she still feels inferior.

So many call her plastic, stupid, fake.

But all appearances can be deceiving.

And though sticks and stones may leave fatal blows

And words can be the cause of much heartache.

Dear, try not to spend too much time grieving.

After all, they're just monkeys in clothes.