Sleepless Dreams

AN: I don't favor this poem too much, but whatever! Please review, I need some feedback on this one!

I don't need to close my eyes
Or imagine you by my side anymore.
You're sitting right there,
Beside me,
And I know I must be dreaming.

I don't have to wipe away my tears
Because you're really here
With me.
If you only knew how much I needed you…
And I know this must be a dream.

My wishes… they came true.
I can hold you in my arms.
You're so warm,
So soft,
These dreams are what I live for.

I don't have to pretend you whisper in my ear
Sweet nothings of love, of hope.
You really stand there,
And you kiss me so tenderly.
If dreams were only real…

I thought I heard "I love you".
If only it was real.
And I look up at your face,
Your beautiful face,
You are my only dream.

And I realize its time to wake.
The morning sun is out.
So I open my eyes and turn,
To find you.
It was never a dream at all.