The Butterfly Effect: Finding the Tainted Butterflies

My younger sister always told me that she could see the butterflies. But whenever I looked around, I found none of those beautifully colored insects. So I simply thought it was my sister's childish imaginations, wild childish thoughts that run through all minds of young children.

But no… my sister was simply comparing them. Comparing those cruel people with those beautiful and harmless butterflies like some disturbing metaphor. Never did I think that it will involve so much blood…


So elegant, so gentle, and so beautiful but, its wings might cause a huge storm. So unpredictable but as soon as those wings create a small wind…it would be too late to stop the storm.

The first murder was a small banker. But soon after the murder, evidence were leaked that this particular banker was secretly transferring black money to an active mafia in the state. And the strangest fact was that, dead butterflies littered the ground of the crime scene.


Those small creatures must be stopped. No, not all the delicate creatures but the secretly cruel ones… Those butterflies with tainted wings.

The second murder was a young prostitute. Later investigation at her home, they discovered that the prostitute was the serial killer of several other prostitutes. A murderer that cannot be stopped until forced to do so. And this crime scene too had many dead butterflies littering the ground.


Grab those tainted wings and tear them out. Watch them wither and die pathetically… Agonizingly slowly that it would wish they left its wings untainted, untainted and pure white.

And the third murder was my younger sister…

"Sister?" she had whispered softly as small tears escaped her large doll like eyes. Droplets of tears rolled off her unnaturally pale skin as she stared into my eyes. "I thought I had untainted wings… Wings so pure unlike those butterflies I have seen so many times."

"What are you saying?" I remember asking, completely confused.

"Me, a tainted butterfly…Sister, I shall be the one to pin myself against the wall. And there I shall rip my wings."

And so much blood flowed from pulling out her tainted wings.