She doesn't love me. She could never love me. I knew from the moment i fell in love with her, that i would never have the opportunity to be with her. I knew that i could never love her enough to make her feel the same for me. I knew that i was only getting myself into something that would end with pain. I knew all this and yet i decided to go down this path anyway. I thought maybe i could get lucky and i would be wrong. I thought that maybe i could be happy just being around her. I was kidding myself. I was killing myself. In the end, everything was as i expected. Right down to my last moments of conciousness. But you know, i wouldn't have done it any different. Even though it hurts. And though even death didn't take away the pain, it was still worth it. The memories that i have of her now; of those times we shared, those make it all worth it. Her smile. Her laugh. My god, just the idea of her laughing and enjoying herself was far more beautiful than any piece if music; than any starry, starry night. And although i still am not happy, i could not have lived a better life.
And so i say goodbye to you. Yes, you. The girl i loved my entire life. The girl that taught me to live and the girl who drove me to end my own life. Thank you. For every memory you've given me. For every smile you've put on my face and every word that left your lips and reached my ears. I do not regret. And i will love you. Forever and for always.