Hi everyone! I am back with another wonderful Renaia and Gerald story! I hope you all enjoy!

I own Renaia, Gerald, and the setting.

Breaking Free

By Angela Fyre


I am never alone

I am always alone

I have very few major friends

I have absolutely no friends whatsoever

I am a mage who can cast spells and fight evil.

I am a person with the ability to manipulate almost anything.

I am unable to keep myself from exerting myself.

I am almost anything you can imagine.

I need a way to prevent the release of too much of my magic energy so that I don't die

I am a power limiter, a manipulator, an unaccepted one, and a hunted one.

I fight for the good of the people around me.

I am imprisoned by my mind, my enemies, and my past.

I understand people more than any other person does.

I wish to be free and I wish to be cared about by someone.

I long to protect, love, and cherish someone.

I want to be wanted for more than just my ability.

I want to be there for someone specific.

Doesn't anyone truly care about me?

Isn't there anyone out there for me to hold?

Is there anyone out there to hear my cry?

Can I ever find a way to see my limit in order for me to not die?

Will I ever be free?

Am I going to die young because I lack one major mental power I need?

Am I going to die alone without a true friend?

Will I ever find someone?

Will I ever be accepted?

This is the story,

This is the story,

That answers every single question

Here is where I come forth

Here is where I find what I've wanted

This is how my story goes

This is where my greatest friendship began

I am alone

I am coming to the rescue

I need to help her live

And I need to rescue a broken heart

Welcome to our story