Doesn't Take Much

Lately it seems much it doesn't take
For me to fall flat on my face
It seems that all I ever do is break
And wallow in my own disgrace.

Like a twig, I simply snap in two
Whenever something doesn't go my way
Doesn't take much to leave me blue
Doesn't take much to cause me dismay.

I wonder what goes on inside my head
To make my ideas so distorted in my brain
Why can't I think up happy things instead
Of spending my time commiserating my pain?

I have no idea what drives me to the edges so
Brutally that I feel I can no longer cope—
Struggling when randomly the anguish grows
And continuously losing all my hope.

Once or twice I've fallen through the air
When from the ledge I've suddenly fallen
And at the impending ground all I do is stare
Feeling my behavior is simply appalling…

I twist and turn and try to grab the cliff
But I'm going down fast with the end in sight
Fearing the worst my body grows stiff
Knowing I cannot escape my tragic plight…

I've fallen out too far to have a safety net
I'll hit the ground hard and simply cease to be
Hoping to the heavens this anguish I can forget
Before the tides of death do set me free…

And then I wake up and I'm lying in my bed
Another bad dream of fatal depression and such
I start to cry while desperately gripping my head
Wondering why it doesn't take much…