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Summary : Crown Prince Christian receives the biggest surprise when he receives a woman as his personal knight. But even more shocking when he finds himself falling for the strange Amynel. But will their love survive social boundaries?


"Congratulations, you have been accepted into our guild..." The man before me spoke but after those few words I listened no longer. I was on my knees breathing raggedly with various cuts and bruises over my entire body. It hurt to even listen. But some part of me screamed in joy at my acceptance. I was accepted...I smiled lazily before blackness took over.

Groggily I awoke, a strange heaviness resting on my entire body. That was when I remembered my test. You see everyone in my family were part of the guild of knights dedicated to protecting our king, and it was by no means a choice to enter and serve the country. Hell I had not wanted this to be my future but pride and honour had forced me to do so.

I sat up a powerful pain blossoming on my lower back. I winced slightly. My father had always thought me from a young age that it was not wise to show pain. That was something I lived by. Never let the enemy see you in weakness. My entire life was built around training and studying in preparation for my knighthood. It was what we all did- serve our king. All of my family at one point in time served or were serving the king...and now it was my turn.

A knock resounded on the heavy oak door. It was only then had I realized I was in my own room.

"Come in," I called, or croaked.

My father opened the door, beaming from head to toe. No doubt about what, I had just gotten accepted into the guild. And here's something I left out, I was the only woman born into my family, hence it was a pretty big deal that I was accepted.

He smiled full on at me. "Amynel you did it!" I returned his smile. My older brothers had always been jealous of me, I was after all the only girl in the entire family, and my father favoured me. I would not say it was a good thing always...before my examination to enter the guild he trained me harder than he had any of the boys. He was not a sexist man, just logical, to enter the guild I would have to face several opponents, namely men who were larger than I was, thus I had to be even more prepared than my brothers. You would think they would let up since I was a girl but knights gave no care to sex.

But nothing could have prepared me. It was the most gruelling battles I had to face and everyone had their chance to beat me up before I used my agility to somehow oust them. I still could not believe that I had been accepted.

"I still cannot believe it Papa," I smiled enthusiastically.

"You have done even better than your brothers; the guild has a special post for you even. They will tell us when you feel up to it."

"I feel up to it now," I sat up suddenly feeling a lot better and wanting to know what job I had. My father laughed and shook his head.

"Tomorrow morning, and even then is too early, but we'll have to slip past your mother.I know how anxious you are to serve your king Myn."

As he left I let out a sigh. I hadn't actually wanted to serve our king, it was just, well that was what was expected of us. Everyone else in the family loved working for the king, but I did not look to forward to it, spending my days as a guard to the palace. No doubt my post would be walking up and down outside of the palace gates. I closed my eyes. I just hoped that the position I did get, would be full of adventure.

The next morning I did feel better, my arms and legs were still a bit sore but my good mood held through, all until we arrived at the palace that is. My stomach did flops. I was going to live here...

I resigned myself to at least look happy for my father. We entered through the large doors into the room I had had my exam in. I looked it through, not as formidable as I remembered. Three men stood at the front of the room, all donning the apparel of knights to the kingdom. The one in the centre smiled when he saw me and stepped forward.

"Ah! Amynel Rothshire, our young apprentice. Georg!" The man called as he embraced my father. Long story short, my father was once one of the most important knights but he had been injured in battle, losing his left hand forcing him to retire. "I must say your daughter has taken after you in so many ways. I literally saw you fighting yesterday! You did very well Amynel," he smiled at me, and I am positive that everyone else in the room also saw the remainder of the sentence hanging thickly in the air, for a woman. I nodded choosing to politely ignore his tone. There were only few women working for the King's service, no wonder he was so sexist.

"Thank you," I muttered.

"As your father must've told you we have found a very special position for you..."

I held my breath surely it would be something very exciting. I did not by any means want to be tied down to the palace, forced to spend eternity within its walls.

"You will become the Prince's personal guard," I bit my tongue so hard it drew blood. My father had an inquisitive expression on as well, but I doubted he dared to oppose those before him.

"Thank you," I muttered dejectedly. The man before smirked.

"That is a great accomplishment," for a woman...

Before I could burst forth with anger my father bowed and we left.

"Do not forget, you start on Monday," he called arrogantly as we departed.

My father and I sat in the carriage in silence, neither of us wanting to broach the topic. I felt like kicking that stupid stuck up knight. He was a sexist pig! It was certainly obvious that he chose such a simple position to prove that women held no place in the guild. Boy would I show him.

So I was the Prince's personal knight... I would be stuck in the palace for hardly anyone has ever seen the Royal Prince. I sighed.

Christian stood before his father with a look of utter disbelief plastered onto his face.

"Personal Knight? I have knights all around me all the time," he reasoned. His inky black hair fell into his face adding to his dishevelled appearance.

"Would you not rather just one? I thought you told me they were too much for you?" The King sat upon his throne, his greying hair and heavy lids stating his age for him. Christian was a firm believer that his father would soon succumb to his old age and he would have to take over rule. It was not something he looked forward to. For one, he did not want his father to die, and two, he was by no means ready to rule a kingdom.

That was why his days and nights were spent either training vigorously with the knights, or studying to improve his academic life to lead his country to prosperity.

"I know...I just hadn't expected you to listen to me..." His father was maxed on security, after his mother had been assassinated security in the kingdom had been tenfold.

"I would give you a chance to feel independent...to not rely on others, you are to take my place soon enough and you should know to trust no one."

Christian nodded. He had to get back to studying anyway.

"Your knight will be assigned to you in the morning. As for now, I do suggest you take some time to rest Christian, you cannot run yourself to the ground."

"I...I'll try Father," With that he left the room, about five knights following him. They changed every week so he never really did know anyone's names. Not that names were used here anyway, everyone had certain names assigned to them, or so he knew.

Christian had lied when he said he would try to get sleep, he spent almost the entire night poring over his books intent to master the history of his kingdom.

By the time morning came he was awoken by brisk knocking on his door, his head previously splayed over his books.

"Yes?" He called. A knight stuck his head into the room.

"Your knight is here Your Highness."

Christian nodded and stood. He scrounged his face at the taste in his mouth, god knows he didn't even wake in time to clean his teeth.

He opened the doors and looked out. A young woman stood looking at him through confused eyes.

"Your majesty," she bowed.

He swallowed thickly. What on Earth was a woman doing dressed in knight's wear? "Who are you?" he asked with authority.

The woman smirked, but cleverly hid it after a second thinking no one noticed. "I am your personal knight Your Highness."

"A woman?" he asked loudly. The other knights around him snickered. "Silence!"

"Will that be a problem?" she asked a fire burning in her eyes. It was his turn to smirk.

"Of course not, I guess the rest of you are relieved of your duties, thank you." They all nodded and left.

He looked the woman, or rather girl, up and down. She seemed a few summers younger than him making her about eighteen, roughly.

"Is everything to your liking majesty?" she sneered.

Christian looked up to her face and smiled kindly. Heck he must've come across as a pervert. Truth is, he was just curious. This was the first time he had seen a girl dress as she had. The ones he was accustomed to were all nobles, dressed in only the finest.

"If you do not mind me asking, how is it that you ended up a knight?"

"I do mind you asking actually. I will be right outside your door," with that she turned her back and stood at attention. He nodded, baffled. Was this some joke by his father? Surely he had not expected a woman to protect him, right? He bet he could best her in combat and he certainly was not gifted in that area. He would have to have a talk with his father.

After washing himself he decided to go for a stroll in the gardens before facing Lars, his trainer. He stepped out of his room and turned to his knight. "Do you know your way around the castle?"

"Yes, I had a tour while you were asleep," she answered.

"I was not asleep, I was studying..." he glared.

"Ok," she smiled, though it seemed mocking. Who was she to treat him such? He was the Crown Prince of Ashrine!

They walked in silence. She was ten steps behind him...he shook off the feeling of being followed. "Would you walk closer?"

She sighed and stepped closer to him. "We are going to the gardens if you did not know."

"I do know actually," her voice was soft, calming even.

When they arrived at the gardens he instantly headed for the balcony. Not many people knew of it, it was his sanctuary.

"Have you ever been to the castle gardens?" he looked at her.

"No...It's beautiful," she whispered in awe. She stood by the balcony overlooking the entire gardens. Dense foliage crept this way ad that creating a canopy. The beautiful flowers and roses that bloomed below added to the splendour. The age old trees covered with ivy and moss only made the gardens that much more ethereal. He looked toward his knight smiling at her awe.

"Yes, it is."

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