The Big Escape

If you'd had your way with me
You'd have kept me inside this cage
If you'd had your way, you see
I'd be forced to eat my own rage.

You locked me in an icy prison
For which I saw no hope in sight
Until finally I've made this decision—
That, damnit, I will stand up and fight

Before you take tear my world apart
Before my spirit you completely shatter
Before I let you break again my heart
Into a million pieces it would scatter…

For stupidly I believed all your lies
I thought that there was something there
I've given you a hundred thousand tries
And still you do not care…

So finally it was when you went to sleep
And left me prematurely for the day
That the pain struck the nerves so deep
That I knew I could no longer stay.

And so with all the pieces torn
From my soul in these recent weeks
From the debris a key was born
And my freedom I began to seek.

I busted the lock until it was no more
And paused long enough to leave a note
Before I burst through the final door
With tears of rage choked in my throat.

And suddenly I find myself standing
On the outside world once again
I remove your collars, markers, and brandings
Down the stairs to the street I descend

Each step taking me closer to release
And taking me further from the rage
Suddenly I realize the games, they'll cease
Now that I'm out of my prison cage.

The games are now my own to play
My identity belongs solely now to me
My legs now take me far, far away
But I stop for a moment to remember we

Who used to dream of the future together
And used to hug with warm embrace
But now we've lost our forever
And I'm running for another place

Somewhere that I can lay my tired head
Cry out my eyes while yet growing strong
At night when I'm lying in my bed
I think back on everything that went wrong…

I shouldn't stop to think how you may feel
When you wake up to find you are alone
Because so will I, but I shall heal
And your true colors you have already shown.

So sleep tight and dream of happier things
Because of the comfort of the night's sleep
Is protecting you from what the morning brings—
The fact that I you'll never again be able to keep.