Buck's Hound Dog

It was a rainy day when Linda met Buck

Linda was impressed by his big ol' pickup truck

They bought a little bitty house in the woods down by the bog

And as a wedding present got a young hound dog


Their love seemed to grow and grow, as well as that dog Lad

Little did they know that things would soon turn bad

Buck's momma lived in the house with the two

And she hated Linda; yes sir, it's true


Linda found another man and left Buck just like that

She said, "And this man's got a mother who isn't a rat!"

Buck's momma shouted, "Good riddance!" and slammed the door

Buck just hugged Lad and sat cryin' on the floor


"Well," said Buck to Lad. "I guess it's just me and you."

"What am I?" asked Buck's momma. "Chop liver stew?"

Buck knew his dog would never leave him (although his mother might)

And things seemed a little better, though he and Linda had had a fight


But just as Buck had that thought, a rabbit ran right by

Lad squirmed out of Buck's arms, and away he did fly

So now that Linda's gone, and Lad is too

I'll leave what happened to Buck's mom up to you