If you should ever venture to the playground in my mind

I'll now give you a hint or two for things you may well find.

A field of happy children. Right there, yes, that one is me:

All that is left of childhood – one distant memory.

When a lost toy or a game meant that the world was at an end.

And break or even a lunchtime was spent without a friend-

These were the biggest things they had to deal with and to face.

Comparing them to now is like the Earth to all of Space.

Way back, when the hardest tests were spelling diff'cult words.

Such as "together", "friendship" - a chorus sang by the herds -

Of children - Tragedy was being last picked for the teams.

And friends they didn't apprec'iate now haunt their darkest dreams.

For those they disregarded as the oddball or the freak

Who used to be without the paddle a way up the creek

Are now the most popular people the school's ever seen.

Their table's always crowded at lunchtime in the cantine.

I guess in some ways a person I've just described is me -

Only those who matter care for who I used to be.

The child you see in the field – the me – I'm all alone

Lying on the floor covered in mud – the birds have flown.

So if you ever venture to the playground in my mind,

Beware of twists and turns and things you never thought you'd find.

For school, where bullies rule the roost, might perhaps, may well be.

The hardest stage in life, well, at least if you live like me.