She sat at her cabin window and stared out at the raging sea around her. She and the captain had just gotten in another row, and the waters reflected his emotions more than hers. But it had always been that way; the dark and stormy skies always obeyed her more. They were the real life Calypso and Davy Jones, minus all of the piratical folklore. The Endeavor sailed as her captain commanded, and power over both the fastest ship and the seas had gone to Captain Brian's head. She was a dreamer, and a stow-away turned deckhand and mistress of the captain. He had made a deal long ago with the pirate king, tying them together until another broke them apart. They became not quite immortal, but impervious to age, and along with it, power over the sea and wind. They were forced to take out vigilante pirates who threatened to destroy the hierarchy. And all of this for a stupid ship, she thought. At the time, she had been intrigued by the power, too. But after ten years of bloodshed and death, she wanted out.

When will a true sailor come and rescue me from this place? she thought with a long sigh. Many had tried, but none had prevailed. During the most recent attempt to free her, Sir Nicholas had completely failed. As her childhood friend, he had always looked out for her. After she became a pirate, however, they went their separate ways. Or so she thought. One day an unmarked ship sailed in and a lone man swung across to their ship. She recognized him right before he grabbed her and carried her up the mast. She had clung to him with all her strength, hoping to get away, but at the last second her wrist got caught in the rigging. He glided away to safety, swinging back to his own ship while she plummeted to what would surely be her doom. Somehow she managed to miss the deck and survive the plunge into the freezing water until her crewmates could pull her out. Now she sat shivering below deck, staring out of the porthole and absentmindedly rubbing her raw wrist.

"You! Girl!" came the captain's booming voice. "Come finish swabbing this deck!" She came out of her reverie and slowly made her way to the deck. Every muscle in her body ached and the work was tedious and painful. Try as hard as she might, she couldn't force her mind to shut down. Day in and day out, she did the same menial tasks, and each day made her want to give up more and more.

As she stood on the edge of the railing one day, contemplating jumping out into the clear blue water, she spotted something off in the distance. The tiny dot grew larger until she could make out the outline of a miniature ship that was quickly coming to full size. "A ship!" she shouted. "A ship, a ship! Captain! Orders, sir?" voices began to cry out everywhere, echoing her alarm. One sailor had finally made sense of the flags. Pirates. Captain Brian began shouting orders. He approached her, still standing on the railing of the bow.

"Get below decks, ye mangy fishwife." He said gruffly. "There'll be no mishaps this time. Go!" Grumbling, she traipsed down to her cabin and propped up by the porthole to watch the oncoming ship. It was your average pirate ship: small, light weight, with massive sails to outrun the "noblemen" who tracked down and killed pirates. She pulled out her "borrowed" telescope that the captain had found missing a few weeks ago. As she zoomed in on the flag, she realized these were no ordinary pirates. Her jolly roger, the standard skull and crossbones, had wind and sea swirls added to signify the importance of their ship and their mission. This one was different from any she had ever seen. The skull was turned to the right, looking out to the water and a heart that had been added. She skimmed the rest of the ship, looking for a captain.

Then she saw him. He was clad in black, from his hat to his boots, and he wore a black mask to hide his face. As if sensing her gaze, he looked straight at her window. Chocolate brown eyes stared down her telescope as if he could see into her soul. She gasped and snapped it shut, turning and running away from the window. Up the stairs and to the deck she flew, running into the captain at the top. "I thought I told ye to stay below decks!" he shouted.

"But sir," she said, panting and talking rapidly. "These are no ordinary pirates! I saw them! They-"

He cut her off. "You're losing your mind, girl. Now get back below decks and stay out of my sight!" He turned around and pushed his hands out, directing the seas to travel in the direction of the on comers. "Attack!" he shouted.

She ran back below decks. He couldn't be seriously considering battling these pirates! She got to her porthole again and looked for him. He was looking out of his telescope toward the opposite side of their ship. She saw his profile. He was handsome. Not cute, not a filthy sea rat, but handsome like the gentlemen of the land. Then suddenly he swung around to look at her. She felt like he could see straight through her. Her heart leapt. Unsure of what caused her to do it, she directed the winds to catch his sails and steer them straight to The Endeavor. Breathless, she ran back to the deck.

On the top deck, mass chaos reigned. Her crewmates were preparing cannons, loading guns, and taking down the sails since the wind was against them. She felt it whip through her hair and tied it back. Captain Brian did not know that only she possessed the power of the wind. He believed it was his too, and until now she had done nothing to prove otherwise. Until now, they had always fought for the same things. They had always been on the same side. But something about their unknown enemy made her want to fight for him. She stared back at the ship and watched it draw nearer.

The captain held his hands out again. "Alright, haul ye wind and hold ye water!" he shouted over the crew. The boat slowly moved forward with the current. However, the enemy ship moved faster. "Come on, ye filthy pirates! Get this ship moving!" The crew scurried around the deck. She snuck to the bow again, if only to get out of the way of the hustling crew.

As if a replay of the other day, the unknown ship came straight toward The Endeavor. A lone figure swung across the expanse and landed lithely on the deck. She automatically recognized him as the captain, dressed in solid black. He spun on his heel with a flourish and faced her. She took a step forward, but she didn't remember telling her feet to move. It was as if an invisible rope pulled her forward. He crossed the deck and closed the space between them in long strides. Her eyes locked with his, she couldn't break the connection.

He held on to her arms hanging limply by her sides. "Come with me," he said. "Please?" For some reason, she trusted this stranger. His voice was sweet and honest, she couldn't not believe him. All she could do was nod. He smiled at her, leaving her star struck, and said, "Hold on tight, ok?" He stepped on to the railing, picked her up, and turned around to face her crew as she wrapped her arms around him as tightly as she could. "Gentlemen," he addressed the crew, "It has been a pleasure. But I really must be off, so if you will please excuse me." With that, he jumped.

She wanted to scream. Her mouth opened in a scream. But no sound came out. She clutched her rescuer tightly as they glided across the crystal clear sea and back to his ship. Before she knew it, her feet were touching the ground again, and he had turned to face her. She disentangled herself from him and truly looked at him for the first time.

"Who… Who are you?" she asked, her voice shaking slightly.

"Well, who are you?" he asked in return.

"I'm…" She had to stop and think about what her name was. It had been so long since someone had called her by her name. When she joined Captain Brian's crew, she had become "you girl" or some other degrading title. That was over ten years ago. "I'm Meagan." She finally said.

"Well, Meagan, I'm the dread pirate Roberts, but you can call me Terry."

"Where are we?" She asked. Why did you rescue me?"

He looked at her scrutinizingly, but that look quickly turned to one of compassion. "I've been searching for you for a long time. As to where we are, you are on my ship. The True Love."

Meagan snickered. "Why did you name your ship True Love?"

"Well," he said, looking out to the water, "nothing can stop true love. It can only be slowed down." He looked back at her, with nothing but love in his eyes. "Now, as I said. I have been looking for you for a long time. Now I've found you, and we are safe. Prepare to be kissed." He pulled off his mask for the first time, and she saw his face. Dark brown hair framed his handsome face, and his chocolate eyes seemed to see through hers and into her soul. She cradled face in her hands, noting how smooth his skin felt, and pulled him toward her. She stopped. "Now I've found you," Terry began again, "We are safe. Prepare to be kissed," he said as he tenderly touched his lips to hers.