A/N:Note, that I am writing these chapters by total whims. There has been no planning ahead or major plot developing, as I intended it to be random as I can make it to be. I've been having trouble with inspiration lately, and am in a total writer's and drawer's block. All I've been doing recently is reading up at FictionPress. =_= Hopefully this might be able to cure it a bit.

Full Summary:It is Hero's job to take and fufil the protagonist role in a cliche fantasy/action story line, where he will have to use the power of friendship, his super special awesome giant ass sword and his gravity defying hair to free the world against the Emperor of Evil who defies the land of any freedom! Riding on his white horse, he will gallantly slay dragons and evil demons and monsters and-"

Hero: "To hell with that! I'm not going to become a hero, and will absolutely not follow the ways of cliche! Just watch me!"

*Revised* Join our hero Hero as he tries to defy his fate, but gets tumbled into it anyways with strange companions and his cliched adventures!

Chapter 1: A Hero's Awakening

Hero could sense nothing. Nothing at all.

There was no sound to hear, there was no air to taste or smell, there was nothing that he could touch, there was no light to see. There was only one thing that Hero could feel.


But slowly, he began to feel warmth ebb through his fingers. The feeling crawled up the length of his arms and into his chest, where the feeling branched off towards the rest of his body. The heat poured into his body, flowing like an endless stream, and it stayed there until at last, the nothingness that he had always known was there was ripped apart as he heard the single sound of existence.

Ba-thump. Ba-thump.

What was that, he wondered. His heart beat? Something in his chest constricted painfully, feeling the urgency and need to do something. Hero opened his mouth and oxygen rushed into his lungs violently, causing him to choke and cough.

Something hard, flat and cool materialized beneath him. The floor, he realized. Slowly, the nothingness vanished and he could smell the crispness of the wind, it's gentle caress and the way it wrapped it's cool tendrils around his exposed skin.

Open your eyes, little one. A new life awaits you.

Hero complied with the voice, his eyes fluttering open and wincing as the light flooded into his irises. The vast ocean of sky reflected it's color onto his pupils, the same shade of the sky. White, fluffy bodies drifted wistfully above him and spiraled like a tower. Hero grunted as he rolled himself over and sat up, and scratched the back of his blond, spiky head. Surprisingly, it did not flatten it self, and returned to it's gravity defying position.

"Where am I?" He said to no one in particular. Although he had never used his voice before, it came out low, and silky smooth.

You are in the realm of Creation. And I am Ai, here to guide you.

Hero snapped his head upwards in surprise. He could hear the words, but not see the person who spoke them, which would have been impossible. The only thing around was the sky and the seemingly never ending expanse of the pure white floor.

"What do you want from me! Where ever you're hiding, come out!" Hero demanded.

Don't fret, Ai cooed. You are in no danger here. We have called you here or a purpose.


Our wonderful creator and I. Oh, greatest Hero. The land of Modnar has been in suffering for hundreds of years. All because of their ruler, the Emperor of Evil. The citizens work to the bone day and night, yet their taxes are sky high. The poverty rate is high, and the foolish, greedy nobles don't give a care so long as they can have their fun. Even Mother Nature is suffering. The Emperor of Evil has overworked the poor woman and she has become desolate and barren in many places. Bald spots are not befitting of anyone, poor woman. Violence and crime are on the rise, and-

"And what does that have to do with me?"

...You don't feel an ounce of sympathy for them? At all?

"I still don't see what it has to do with me."

My, what a brute! You don't seem to have a SINGLE fiber of human morality in your entire being.

Hero scoffed.

...Well then, what about your little sister that's been taken captive as a slave by the Emperor of Evil? She's always been sickly, and now she has to endure days and nights of endless cleaning, servitude and abuse. Every night, she sobs herself to sleep, crying the name of her older brother over and over. 'Big Brother Hero, (coughing fit), Big Brother Hero-

"But I don't have a sister."

...Is that so? Are you positive?




For sure?

"For sure."

Huh. Well then... Now what?

"Are you screwing with me? Cause I don't like it when people screw with me. I punch their faces in." Hero scowled.

What? O-of course not, who would try to screw over a nice man such as yourself?

Hero continued on. "And I'm pretty sure that the so called Kingdom of 'Modnar' is just 'Random' spelled backwards. Now if I were you, I'd start explaining before we find out if voices from the sky can get their teeth knocked out too."

How rude, speaking to a lady like that! Ugh, how absolutely infuriating! This isn't working. Wait there while I contact my superior, jerk.

Hero crossed his arms over his chest and began to tap his foot impatiently on the floor. His scowled deepened further an annoying, high pitched wail screeched through the air.

Ring ring ring, ring ring ring! -Click-


Kami-sama! This man is INFURIATING! And it seems like he won't be a good fit for this job anyways. Is he malfunctioned? I think we should scrap him as soon as possible! Ai grumbled on angrily.

Now now, calm down Ai. That wasn't very nice thing to say about your fellow OC.

Ai sighed. I-I'm sorry, Kami-sama... But that man is just a total asshole.

Ha ha ha, when did you learn that word?

Television. That's where everyone learns things nowadays... Are you really going to send him to Modnar?

Why not? It'll be interesting.

"Excuse me, don't I get any say in this?" Hero growled angrily.

Umm, no.

"And why the hell NOT?"

Because I made you, and you'll do whatever I want you to do.

"Fuck that! I'm my own damn person, and no one's going to make me do a damn thing other than me." Hero hissed through clenched teeth.

Oho? You dare to challenge me? Interesting.

A black spot appeared beneath Hero, stretching itself until it was it was Hero's arm-span in diameter.

"Wait, what are you doing?"

Lets see how you'll do on defying me, oh great Hero. I'll be looking forward to it. Have a fun trip down. :)

"Wait a-"

Hero was cut off as he sucked into the hole beneath him to god knows where, his surprised yell swallowed by the darkness.

Are you sure it's ok to use him Kami-sama?

Of course. Oh, this will be fun indeed.