Life of a prostitute

She's cold, far gone and dead. I remind myself repeatedly, desperately forcing my tears back; I shut my eyes tightly, squeezing them so hard that it ached. It surprises me how still, even when forcing my eyes shut; my tears escape, flowing down my face, smearing my cheap mascara with it. My hands tremble as I reach out to my face, wiping the tears away.
There's nothing I could do to save her, I thought; Violet was the only family I had left. I was hurting, I felt this unfamiliar pain increasing each time I thought of her, my body feels hallow and my emptiness eats me away, slowly, making sure that I endure every inch of this pain.
I try hard to remember how we ended up here. Violet and I had ran away from home exactly a year ago, right after our abusive father threatened to stick his gun to our foreheads and gladly blow our brains out. She's gone and there's nothing I could change to bring her back. She's gone and I'm still in denial. I miss her so much.

We carry her body gently pretending that a single noise would wake her. We carry her body gently to the back of the brothel, where we had dug a hole big enough to burry her in.
I kiss her forehead, her icy skin against my lips. I wait for her to wake up from her endless sleep; I wait for her to look me in the eyes. I look at her but my hope dies as she remains peacefully sleeping. She was gone and deep inside I knew it's for the best.
I look at her and I notice a slight smile on her face, she never looked so happy; her face looks lively than ever. We gradually lay her fragile body in the bottom of the black hole; I look down at her, not wanting to leave my baby sister alone, she had always been afraid of the dark.
"I love you." I tell her one last time, pretending that she was listening to me. I bend down and I dig my hand deep into the Earth, I grasp a handful of dirt and throw it on to her body.
Aqua and Fire stand by me, they're the only friends I had, and we learned to love one another within a year. No one else would ever understand what you're going through, it takes one to know one.
"He's coming." Aqua points out, Studs footsteps loud against the dirt, the grass rustles as the wind blows my hair away from my face and my heart beat accelerates causing me to breathe heavily, tears stroll down my face but this time because of sheer rage. The sky darkens, the clouds change from pure cotton to deep grey.
He stands applying his weight on one leg; places his hands on his belt and smirks at us. He stands up straight then walks towards us; his eyes attach themselves to me as he moves with swagger, maliciously entertained as he watches me suffering.
"Aww sucks that she's gone." He pauses "She was one hell of a person to ride." He says to me and laughs wickedly, a haunting noise almost impossible to forget.
"ARGH!" I run to him and jump on him, causing him to fall back first onto the ground. I lock my hand into a fist and hit it against his stomach, forcing the air out of his lungs. I hit my fist repeatedly against his face, breaking his nose.
"You bitch." He throws me off of him and applies his weight on my body so that he had control over me. Fire charges at him, screams and hits him but she wasn't strong enough.
"GET OFF HER." She wraps her weak arms around his neck, attempting to choke him but he slaps her face with enough force for her to loose her balance. Stud takes off his belt and begins to undo his pants; he's ready for whatever is on his sick mind. I lay down in fear, I try to move but I can't, I scream but it's no use.
Aqua stands there traumatized, like a manikin, so still. I watch her as she swiftly grabs the shovel with both her hands and hits hard it against Studs head. He looks into my eyes, falls flat onto the ground and blood pours out of his head. I kick him but he remains still on the ground, he's far gone and dead, it's all over. There's no need to be scared anymore.