Author's note:

Hi. First of all, thanks a million to all you people who've favourited and followed (although this is a oneshot) this story. I'm so glad to know that Ian and Sophie has so many fans. Even bigger thanks to those of you who took the time to send some love my way via reviews. Each one of them made me smile, so there! How does it feel like to know that you made someone smile and giggle in happiness? Angelic? Well, that's cause you guys are angels!

This author's note is for those fans. If you want to see what happens to Ian and Sophie after SEALG, then head on over to my other story The Teacher's Pet/Golden Girl. You'll also meet Caper O'Malley (now Gibbson) and her husband Knox. Character pictures are already up on my profile but they haven't made their entrance into the story yet so you can subscribe/follow the story and meet them! They'll be up in Chapter five.

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