Greetings, and welcome to my first original story. I have been planing this ever since I saw the series finale of Avatar The Last Air Bender. I had wanted to write a whole book and get it published, but my brother convinced me to put it here instead. I hope you enjoy my work, I've put my heart and soul into it.

3rd World CHAPTER 1

It was a quarter to dawn. An empty road stretched through a silent, rocky desert. Countless stars lit the sky, but the land was barren and devoid of life. It wasn't a place you'd expect to find anyone. On top of a cliff hidden behind an outcropping, a large group was gathered around a fire. However, the members of this group were not human. They didn't have any hair, their entire bodies were covered in colorful feathers, and there feet were shaped like a bird's talon. These creatures had been camping behind this outcrop since morning, and they would stay even longer if they had to.

An armed carriage carrying a small fortune was scheduled to ride through this location at any moment, and they were going to steal it all. The money had come from the over taxed subjects of Lord Macro himself, the tyrannical ruler of the human race.

One member of this rebellious group had been watching the road for several hours and it was beginning to take its toll. He was quite young, no older than seventeen. He had pretty green plumage, and beautiful, yellow hawk eyes, he was also much smaller than the other members of the squad.

He took his eyes off the road for the first time in hours and turned to face his comrades, "When should dinner be ready?" He asked the squad's cook, who was stirring the contents of a large pot.

"It's ready now, captain" replied the chef.

The captain walked over to the pot, got a wooden bowl from a stack, and had the chef pour him a serving. The stew wasn't exactly delicious, but he was too hungry to care about taste. He had just finished when a look out shouted "Our target has arrived!"

The captain returned his attention to the road down below. Being a harpy he naturally had incredible vision, and even from miles away he could clearly see a carriage surrounded by guards.

The captain was frantic. As fast as he could he reached back into his sack and pulled out several pieces of armor and began strapping them on.

His armor was made of pieces of leather that had been stitched together with a metal wire. When he finally finished putting on the last piece, he reached back into his sack and pulled out a pair of belts that were lined with small darts. He put these belts around his ankles, then pulled a pair of iron boots of his bag. This footwear wasn't like that of a human, they where shaped like a 'Y' with a third arm sticking out of between the first two, hollow metal spikes were at the en of each branch. They had no top, but had clamps around the four toes, and they were hinged allowing the wearer to open and close their feet. The captain finished putting on his battle boots and, and said to his troops,

"Everyone ready?" They too had finished putting on their armor. The captain tied a sash around his mouth "All right! Let's do this!" He ran to the edge of the cliff, and jumped! As he fell, he spread the feathers on his arms. Now, his appearance was more like that of a bird than a human. He flapped his arms, pulled out of his nose dive, and he began to fly. He and the rest of his squad flew clear across the wasteland and straight at their target.

"We're under of attack!" shouted one of the human guards. They all surrounded the carriage, shields and swords raised ready for battle. Now came the hard part. The harpies flew in low, their feet stretched out, talons poised ready to strike. "ATTACK!"

Shouted the harpy captain, and like an eagle swooping down on its prey, the harpies closed in on their human enemies. Hovering in the air, they used their talons to throw the small darts at their opponents. Once hit by the darts, the human's movements became sluggish and stiff until they were on the ground and immobile.

The harpy captain was also engaged in this aerial combat. His supply of darts had been exhausted, and he had to resort to clawing at his opponent.

"Die, You filthy Vulture!" The human soldier shouted as he thrusted his sword at his avian opponent, but the harpy captain dodged the attack, and managed to grab the blade with his talons.

"AHHHHHHHH!" As the captain closed his armored claw around the sword's blade, his human opponent screamed in agony, and collapsed on the ground.

"You first, mud-bound." The captain said to his fallen opponent. Normally he wouldn't usually use such an obscene racial slur, but this was an exception.

Some of the guards climbed on top of the cart to try and get in striking range of their attackers. Some even jumped off the carriage and tried to grab any harpy that was close by. Unfortunately, one of them managed to grab onto the harpie captain, but no sooner had this unwanted passenger taken hold of the captain's armor, he screamed in pain and let go falling to the ground.

After several minutes of combat, all the human guards were on the ground unconscious, or in a few cases dead.

"Alright, everyone." The captain said to his surviving companions. 'Lets finish the mission." They approached the carriage, and tore the doors open revealing dozens oflarge sacks. The captain opened one of the bags and saw that it was full of metal coins.

"Okay, everyone take a bag or two, load them up, and head to the rendezvous point." His colleagues did as they were told and loaded the money in their packs, and took off into the sky; the extra weight hardly slowed them down.

Better get this over with. I don't want to keep her waiting. The young harpie thought. He then turned to the fallen soldiers. "The manticore venom should wear off in a few hours." The captain spread his wings. "Oh, and tell your superiors that it was The Resistance that did this." And he flew off into the darkness.

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. I have at least three more written already, but they need editing before I put them up. Just so you know, this so-far nameless harpy is not the main character. In the next few chapters questions will be answered and new ones will pop up, and you will know why I called this story and 3rd world.