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The distinct feeling of falling wasn't an uncommon occurrence for Nadia Keshishyan. In fact, quite often, she felt the sensation of falling squarely onto the floor – in various formats – at least twice per day. What was uncommon, however, was the apparent wall that she had ran into had also ran into her. If she ran into walls, usually they were a lot less pliant than this one, and moreover didn't necessarily crouch down to help her up. Gulping, Nadia almost wished it was a wall. Not only was he tall, but he was rather good looking too.

"Bozi txa," had escaped her lips before she could even stop it – funny how one reverts to a native language when in trouble – and she started to soup up the file folder's contents that had spread across the café's floor. He was too big to be in this little old café, she thought, too tall. The ceiling looked far too close to his head. "Sorry," she pursed her lips, trying not to stare up at him. It may have been a long way up to his face, but the travel was well worth it.

"It was my fault too," he replied.

Her mouth gaped before she managed to close it – she was raised better, wasn't she? That dark brown hair on a chiseled, stubborn chin placed high on top of that sort of body; who wouldn't want to stare?

"What language was that in?" he asked with a smile.

"I, um, Armenian. Western Armenian to be exact," she flushed a deep red. "I'm sorry… I always seem to be running into people, I just thought you were a –" Cutting herself off, she looked down as her face continued to redden on her olive skin – trying to busy herself with gathering all of the photos and layouts she had just met with the owner of this small restaurant about.

"A what?" he grinned, managing to catch her eyes to bring them back up to his face.

"A wall," she blurted out before going saucer-eyed and looking down again. All too quickly, she tried to jet upwards from the floor and knocked her head on the counter, which only propelled her directly into the man in front of her.

Easily catching her, he grinned lopsidedly like a mischievous little boy and inquired, "Do you have this problem often?"

Her cheeks flushed again as she tried to push her mass of hair out of her face, to regain some form of her dignity, "Possibly. Gravity and I have a secret love affair."

Again, he laughed with a booming bass laugh that was passed over in the small busy restaurant, "What's your name?"

"Nadia, I mean, really its Nadezhda, but I go by Nadia… Keshishyan… I… Oh, you probably didn't need to know all of that, um… What's your name so I can stop making a fool of myself?"

He hesitated but then replied, "David Harley. Are these for your work?"

"Yes," she blushed, yet again, realizing she was still pressed up against the tall man. "I help restore historic buildings… and… um, I'm sorry… Am I keeping you from your breakfast?"

He shook his head, "No. I take my kid brother for a trip every year and he hasn't even budged from his bed yet, being a teenager and all. Do you want to join me? You shouldn't be working on a Sunday."

"I – um…"

"Yes, she does," the lady across the counter raised her eyebrows. "And you should make her stay otherwise I bet that she'll forget to eat."

"I should get away from you now, I mean… That didn't come out right," she breathed, biting her lower lip. "I mean, I'm… just…"

Smiling at her still, the dark-haired man righted her on her feet – still crouched down, before standing up. Gulping, Nadia stared up at David Harley with saucer eyes again. "How's this?"

Nadia was at a loss for words. It wasn't as if her own brother wasn't tall, he was very tall, but the stranger David Harley before her put her brother's height to a diminutive stature. She'd thought, and even expressed once, that tall after a certain point was just tall, but… here she was eating her words again. "Do you find it difficult to find pants that fit you?"

His smile didn't waver, if anything, it became more ingrained in his face.

"I – oh! I don't know… everything's just coming out all wrong. Its just my brother, he has a hard time finding regular pants sometimes – at least he tells me that – and insists it's a reason to wear shorts constantly. I think he's just lazy… and our grandparents are equally unimpressed and… I'm rambling."

"Congratulations," the woman from behind the counter drawled dryly. "I've yet to see Nadia stumble over her words as much as she has in the past few minutes… her own feet are a different story."

Instead of blushing, Nadia's face blanched to match the snow outside and she opened her mouth but no words would come out.

"Please?" he inquired, his shoulders hunched over and hands shoved in his pockets. "Its no fun to eat alone and maybe some coffee would wake you up a bit? So you don't think people are walls?"

"I am sorry about that –"

"So eat breakfast with me, Nadia - short for Nadezhda – Keshishyan," he grinned, gesturing to the table by the window – probably so that he would have extra room for his legs.

"Okay," she conceded, staring at him and pushing back her hair yet again. She always tried to leave it down for professional interviews, not that she hadn't know Louise for a few years, but somehow she felt it made people more pliant to her will – and Louise had resisted long enough. Her grandmother would have disapproved, of that Nadia was sure.

As she stared at the chair he'd pulled out for her, he raised his eyebrows, "I figured that I wouldn't risk letting you fall while pulling your chair in."

Opening her mouth to protest, she realized that at least at this point, she really couldn't protest, and sat down. "David Harley…" she turned the name over in her mind. "Do I know that name from somewhere?"

He shrugged, "Maybe, but I'm from out of town though."

"Huh," she frowned in concentration.

"And I get most of my pants tailored," he replied with a grin.

"Oh! I'm sorry for that and… well, thinking that you were a wall."

Still smiling, even as he accepted the coffee cup, he replied, "You can think that I'm a wall anytime. It's a special privilege, you know."

She smiled shyly into the coffee that Louise had placed in front of her, "Note taken."

"So… you restore old buildings?"

She nodded and looked up, "I've been trying to get Louise to let me help her redo this place for a long time now… since I started working here during my undergrad years, but she just wouldn't go for it until now."

"What got her to change her mind?"

"Hell if I know," she grinned. "Have you seen or, rather, heard her? I don't think anything I said changed her mind."

His brown eyes sparkled at her and he replied, "I think you could get a lot of people to change their mind… unless you were selling walkers."

"Oh! You're terrible," she huffed, but still grinned down into her coffee. "Where are you from then, if you're vacationing?"

"I live outside of L.A. now, but I grew up East of here. How about you? You live here now obviously…"

"I… its complicated," she pursed her lips. "I grew up in Georgia, but moved to Jerusalem when I was 12… Then, I moved here for college and haven't really left."

"Jerusalem?" he clarified.

Nodding, she looked at him with her emerald eyes that had given her away as something other than middle eastern there.

"Why did you move there?"

"My parents died so we went to live my grandparents there… They run a restaurant and tourist agency," she looked down.

"I assume you mean Georgia the… state, right?"

She nodded and smiled, "Most people don't even know where Armenia and Georgia are."

"I should get back to my hotel but…" he trailed off. "Could I see you again? Well, I mean, not again, but… I… What are you doing on Tuesday night?"

She stared at him, "I don't know probably being curled up on the couch watching cop-show reruns, so… nothing."

"Can I take you out to dinner?" he asked, snatching the check away from her as she started to reach for it.

"Me?" she squeaked. "I… me?"

"And why not you?" he asked, holding out a hand for her to extricate herself from the table, which she took without thinking.

"Um, I'm… I don't know. Artsy?"

He grinned, "Maybe that's what I like."

So there she was on Tuesday night, fiddling with her hair in the mirror to the entry way of her apartment. A nice restaurant, a very nice restaurant; one that she couldn't afford on a graduate student and non-profit worker's budget. What business did she have with a man who looked like him?

Jerking open the door, mid-knock she stared at him. Really, what business? Tall, broad shouldered, good natured, and dark… He was chiseled, not only in his features, but underneath his shirt too – she was sure of that. That suspicion was further confirmed by a dance later, she wasn't accustomed to being able to be tossed about.

"How did you know I liked dancing?"

"I may have called that restaurant and asked to speak to Louise about what you liked and what you didn't," he informed her with a pleading smile.

"And what else did she tell you?" Nadia asked, pressed up against her door and staring up at him. A full 7'1" to her own average 5'5" – it was amazing that they could managed to talk at all.

"Not to even try kissing you because you have a personal policy about waiting until the second date to kiss."

"Did she?" Nadia pursed her lips, before craning her neck a little taller. "I would be open to considering breakfast our first date, if need be."

Looking down at her, with her lips pierced nervously, he sure hoped that it was an invitation – it sure sounded like an invitation. "Is that so?"

She looked up a little more slyly than shyly now, but simply nodded.

Wrapping an arm around her waist, David pulled her up onto her tiptoes to support her as her hands slid delightfully up his chest and held herself up by her shoulders, and he kissed her gently. The first one was sweet and long, but not overly hungry. Her eyes fluttered open to stare at him, her lips slightly parted and she didn't draw away. In fact, if anything, she seemed to be pulling him closer.

The second kiss lost all pretense of ever having been chaste and she gasped into his mouth as he pushed her up the door, her toes barely touching the ground.

Staring at the man, leaning against her doorway, Nadia smiled. She knew that it wouldn't happen until she initiated it, which had been infuriating for the past two weeks but she was quite determined tonight. It had been a surprise to hear that he was back in town, yet again, and she figured it was just late enough.

"I'm sorry – I've got to look like hell, but you said –"

Pulling him down to kiss him again, she smiled into his lips, "Of course I told you I wanted you to come here first… Are you hungry?"

"Always," his eyes followed her in a sweater dress toward the table. He couldn't determine whether or not the sweater was for work or if she'd been lounging in it – either way, her legs peeking out from the bottom were not helping him any as he followed her.

She was unusually quiet as she watched him finish up his meal, as he grinned, "Did you put a spell in this?"

"If I did, that's just Armenian cooking," she grinned, before clearing a dish toward the kitchen and plopping down on her couch, waiting.

David's plop was more of an ease down, because a plop would have equated to something more akin to an earthquake but his hand that ran through her hair was the only thing that caused her to turn. "Nadia, I should really go get a –"

Cutting him off with a kiss, which he returned – trying with all his might not to be distracted by the action – he smiled, but felt her frustration building. "I don't think you should have to get a hotel room every time you come to town, especially since I have this sneaking suspicion you aren't here on business or family or… whatever this time," she looked at him.

His eyes widened a little bit before she afforded him a smile, sliding towards him and her legs brushing against his thighs. "I'm not," he admitted. "I'm here to see you."

"So you should see me as much as possible," she suggested, lacing across his shoulders and letting a leg sneak across his lap. Lingering to the side for a moment longer, she finally shifted directly onto his lap and gave him a brief kiss. "Don't you think."

"I think that I wouldn't be able to deal with an entire night of this without… Nadia."

"Me?" she asked, slowly kissing his lips again and kneading her hands into his shoulders to which he groaned a pleasurable noise. Finally, he kissed her as she liked to be kissed – hard and long – before she wrapped her legs around his torso. "And what if I'm not teasing so you don't have to worry about enduring my teasing… well, at least the kind you've seen thus far?" she breathed into his lips, pressing her body closer to him.


"Please, David? You're killing me with the waiting."

He did not have to be told twice and she moaned as his mouth kissed her so hard she felt as though she would bruise. The innocent-enough hands around her in a hug crept down to her thighs, pulling her hips closer to him as he ran his hands up and down her upper thighs. Finally running them to her butt and around the curve to her cheeks, he grinned a little bit, "No panties?"

"They get in the way," she replied, nibbling on his lip as he gripped her ass. She tried to inch toward the fingers of his hand as they held and kneaded at her cheeks, those strong fingers were so close and yet he only teased her by dropping one but not completely. Instead, he went the opposite way and pulled the long sweater over her head, brushing against her sides as he pulled it up and over her head.

Holding her up by her waist, he buried his head into her breasts and she curved toward him, moaning. Flicking a tongue out at the fleshy part that rested in-between her ripened mounds, she grasped at his shoulders and gasped at him before a hand down the buttons of his shirt.

Trying to focus her breathing as he made every attempt to distract her through her bra, without removing it, she began to remove his shirt – peeling it down his arms until he had to stop to remove it. "Why are you so bruised up?" she inquired, a little concerned running a hand gently over a black and blue bruise.

"I'll tell you in awhile," he grunted, kissing her collarbone as he held her back up. "You've got me all riled up."

She surely did, she could feel his need through his pants as her own body begged for it. Picking her up as he stood, she fiddled with the belt around his jeans – unbuckling it and beginning to drag it out of his belt loops as a finger did test her. "Oh God," she gasped, grabbing onto his neck as a long, thick finger stroked her. "David…" it was a plea of delicious torture, begging for more even though it made her writhe.

"You've got to be ready first."

"I am," she pleaded arching her back with a gasp as he still held her suspended above the ground. Somehow he managed to hold her in one arm, his finger still sliding as he unbuttoned his jeans and brought one of her hands to him. "Oh."

"Oh?" he grinned, placing her on her back on the couch as he shucked his pants and gave another thrust with a finger before adding another to roll around inside her. Gasping, she gripped his arm, body arching upward as he knelt beside her and kissed her navel.

She moaned her next oh, her eyes closing and a desperate plea escape her lips as she pressed against his hand cupped at her opening. His other hand unclasp her bra and she threw it away without much ado for him, watching as his hand slid over her breast and then his mouth, flicking against her nipple to which she nearly screamed, biting down on her lip to keep it from escaping.

Suddenly, her eyes – on fire – glared back at him in a sort of defiance of bliss and he felt her hand, pushing his pants and boxers further down, dipped in to grip him. His groan made her grin, but equally her eyes widened and she rubbed herself against his palm. "I want you," she breathed onto his neck. "Inside me," she further clarified, her chest heaving against him in labored movement.

His eyes ran over her, as if debating it for a moment, before she felt the sudden jerk of three fingers stretching her and she grabbed his neck again at the jolt. Maybe those locker room tales from junior high were right in this instance – having felt his hands and gripped his manhood, she could testify both parts were thick and large.

"Now, are you ready?" he grinned as her breathing quickened with his ministrations.

"Fuck yes!" she nearly screamed and pulled him on top of her, despite her small stature, which she found to be quite a feat.

Smiling as the sunlight streamed through the cracks of her curtains, Nadia snuggled into the side of a man who did not exactly fit on her bed, even diagonally.

"Good morning," he smiled down at the top of her head.

Climbing up on his chest, she smiled before kissing him deeply, "Good morning."

"Are you glad that I stayed over?"

"God, yes," she grinned, collapsing on his chest. "I'm not sure I can walk, but I cannot describe how elated I am."

"Walking is overrated anyway," he grinned, kissing her behind her ear. "Maybe I'll just carry you."

"Do you really have to go back today?"


"Couldn't you call in sick?"


"Damn," she pouted, plopping her chin on his chest to stare at him with eyes to melt the toughest of hearts, but giggled as he turned her over. "I'm sorry that my bed doesn't exactly fit you."

"Oh, it fits me just fine with you in it," he replied with a grin and gave her a lusty kiss to start off the day.

Gripping onto his torso as he entered her again, she moaned and pushed back up at him with a shudder of delight. How exactly was it that a clumsy remodeler had found herself an Adonis-bodied man in a backwoods restaurant? She didn't quite know, but she fully intended to do her laundry on his body later. Wrapped up in those arms now, she challenged him with a lusty twinkle in her eyes, "Deeper."

Grunting at her, incapable of words, he complied and she thought he'd pierced her the whole way through. Crying out indiscriminately, she curved up toward him again as he began to thrust more wantonly – apparently less afraid that he would break her in two. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she gazed up at him and pulled at him harder at each thrust to meet him.

Pulling out of her quite suddenly, she felt a warmth on her stomach as he claimed her with his scent before he flipped her over on to all fours. She did scream as he slammed into her from behind her, skin slapping at her as his hands held her hips up to brace her for him and he waited for her, even though she could feel him dripping down her leg until she lost all focus and popped before he gave one final thrust and grind.

Collapsing on the bed beside her, she stared over at him still breathing hard exhausted before a slow smile crept over her face. Relieved at her smile, he threw an arm over her and drew her back into his body before watching her eyes slide shut again.

Stumbling out to the smell of coffee and eggs, Nadia rubbed her eyes though they were far from the sorest part of her body at the moment. "Morning. Again," she smiled at him as he greeted her with a quick, stooped kiss. "Did you get the paper?"

"No," he shook his head and kissed her again a little more deeply. "I didn't know you got the paper."

"I just like the crossword," she told him, to which he grinned. Opening the door, she quickly snatched the paper and made her way back towards the kitchen. Flipping toward the appropriate section, she paused and dropped the rest of the paper on the floor, dumbfounded and speechless. Staring at the front page of the sports section, she couldn't quite figure out what to say.

"I put in toast too, I hope that's ok," the low bass voice across the kitchen reminded her of where she was and she stared up at the bare muscled back, arms pulling toast out of the toaster now instead of reaching up high toward a basket.

"Well, congratulations," she said, even if it did come out as more of a question than a congratulatory statement.

"What?" he asked as he was turning.

"On breaking the rebound record," she replied, sitting down abruptly in a seat to stare at him.

"Oh shit," he stated.

"Oh shit?" she questioned, her eyes moving from the man in her kitchen to the sports page to the man in her kitchen. "Didn't you say you were into hospital admin business?"

"I sort of am that too… I, um, Nadia?"

"You're a professional basketball player?"

"Yeah," he bit his lip.

"Were you enjoying the fact that I was oblivious to this fact? And didn't you used to play for North Carolina?"

"I … I'd be lying if I didn't say I was enjoying it a little bit," he bit his lip. "And I did."

"That's where I knew you from," she scrunched up her nose and stared at the picture. Pursing her lips, she stared at the article though she really wasn't reading it - she couldn't seem to wrap her head around it.

He gulped, "I was going to tell you... I –"


"I don't know. I was going to try to get you out to L.A. or something, I think," he sat down across the table from her.

"You think?"

"I'm sorry for lying to you," he pursed his lips studying her face and suddenly, it clicked. "Aidan Keshishyan. That's your brother."

"Twin brother."

"Oh," he commented staring down at his hands.

"I don't follow the NBA."

"I gathered that."

"Really?" she stared at him, shaking. "I just… we just… and – you – I – we…"

"Can I touch you?" he asked tentatively, his hand outreach toward hers on the table and she meekly nodded. He would take that as a good sign. "I… When I played in high school, I was Mr. Class C or whatever and then… I got into college and it just spiraled from there and… "

"Do you love it?"


"Then why are you apologizing for it?"

"Because," he squeezed her hand. "I love it but that's not all of me and that's not all there is to me."

"But it's a big part of your life," she stared at him. "And isn't all this flying killing you in the middle of the season?"

"You're taking this much better than I anticipated."


"I… well, better than I would have thought."

"I'm just… me? You're in L.A. for Christ's sake! There's models and actresses and –"

Crossing over to her side of the table in one stride, he crouched down in front of her holding her face gently, "But there isn't a Nadia Keshishyan in L.A."

Her eyes must have still been dazed because he kissed her again, trying to kiss the bedazzlement out of them. Suddenly she pulled back and scrunched up her nose, "No wonder you're so tall."

At this he smiled and hauled her up into his arms for another kiss, intent on showing her exactly why it was important to be Nadia Keshishyan. "I came this way," he rumbled into her ear, setting her up on the high counter so she was level with his face.

"Yeah and you could have anyone you wanted –"

"I only want you," he replied, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear.

"But they probably have beautiful –" she trailed off staring at him bewildered as his hands kneaded up her back before they kneaded back down to her inner thighs. "…David!"


"I just… now, I feel embarrassed."

"Why?" he raised his eyebrows, returning a hand to run through her hair and an imploring, burning look in his eyes.

"Because all the girls down there are so perfect and I'm just this," she told him.

"Nadia," he cooed, kissing her hard on the lips. "You are absolutely perfect. Every last inch of you. … I hoped that we'd established what I thought of you last night…" he kissed her wrist, before twining her arms around his neck. "That I worship everything about you from this hair of yours to your affection for gravity to freckles just below your belly button to your crossword-fetish… And I would worship it every minute of every day if I could."

"But I jumped on –"

"I assure you, it was mutually jumping," he ground into her hips with his own and kneaded her back until she was pressed up against him, her dampness taunting his stomach. She opened to him so much that he began to stroke her and she gasped, inching toward him almost involuntarily – her body spasming like he was a magnet to her metal. A flick against her bud elicited a moan from her and she looked over her eyelashes again, drunk on his touch again.

Juicing her further, he leaned in against her lips and asked, "The question is: do you still want me, Nadia?"

"Oh yes," she moaned.

"Is that just because I have my hand on you?"

"No… I mean I want you, David. All of you," she breathed, imploring him with her green eyes against her olive skin. "And right now, I want a particular part of you." She cried out in ecstasy when he abruptly filled her to the hilt with himself, without warning and a little rougher than initially planned. Her bucking reaction underneath him was rewarding enough though as she begged him in deeper, to which he obliged. "You're just … so… huge," she panted, her hips moving to meet his thrusts and grunts to which he only pumped her harder before moving his tongue to lick her nipples and begin suckling on her right breast, nibbling gently before laboriously dragging his tongue over her nipple again, she screamed for him.

"Nadia?" he asked, a low rumble as her fingers gripped his back – tightening by the second.

"Don't stop," she gasped, pushing her little hips toward him even though they were shaking with the effort.

With a groan, he felt himself go, "Never."

A/N: I accept this is total trash. I dislike it on many levels. And furthermore, I don't follow the NBA so wtf am I doing writing about it? Meh.