Talking to Ghosts

The sun rises on a brand new day
I find that to new feelings I am a host
Hopefulness despite what I've thrown away
Because I couldn't keep talking to ghosts.

You were a lovely soul when we first met
You were everything I wanted and more
But you've turned to a demon and I am upset
You're no longer the one I used to adore…

Instead when I hugged you it felt as though
I was hugging nothing but the empty air
And when I needed you in darker times, no
You vanished and were never there.

So to make myself okay, to other means I went
Self-medicating and bitter letter posts
All that time I've lost because I spent
It talking to nothing but empty ghosts.

Out of all the spirits I chatted up, it was you
That I seemed to speak to more than all
But you weren't there, it was never true
And I had to be the one to fall…

So finally I turned my feelings into prose
And left it on the bed on which you sleep
A message with the final notice, and so it goes
That I'm living with a pain striking me deep

Down in my heart that ever burns up my chest
A feeling that what I did was wrong yet right
Leaving you was what I thought was the best
Yet here I am waiting for you to hit my sight

I guess I must be addicted to sorrow
I must be forever tethered to all this pain
That came with every lost tomorrow—
But hopefully soon happiness I shall regain.

You were a spirit that used to make me smile
You were the angel that warmed up my heart
But that was lost after all the while
And now my life I find I must restart

Without you there to talk to—
Sadly you knew me more than most—
But now it's going to be you
Talking to all the ghosts.