So I (Hannah) and Abby wrote this together =D The songs and pretty much most of the actual 'Snow White' scenes are copies, or extremely influenced by, the Disney scene's, as well as the forest scene at the beginning, so thanks Disney!

Otherwise, these are our characters, and it took us like two months to write so I hope you like it!

Originally, it was inspired by a video I watched on Youtube. The video was just the song 'Blinding' by Florence + The Machine (one of my favorite artists ;D) to a video of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Go look it up, please!

*The song that Brendan sings ('One song/I'm wishing') belongs to Disney. We do not own this song, because (again) Disney does.


*UPDATE: Hey :D It's me (Hannah) again ;D. So I decided that I should probably break this into chapters so it is easier to read since its so long, (thank you, Raaawr Ima Dinosaur for reminding me in your review XD).


Sam sighed as he opened his eyes slowly.

The room was still dark, but he only smiled slightly, and set up to check his clock. Still sluggish with sleep, he stood up and rubbed his eyes, walking to his mirror and staring at his reflection.

His dark brown eyes stared back at him as he slowly took in his ruffled, sleep-deprived appearance.

Coal black, just slightly curly hair, cut short, but not too short. It reached his ears in the front, and just brushes his shoulders in the back. His skin was pale…almost sickeningly so, though it did not take away from his attractiveness. His lips were a flattering bright pink, and his cheeks were flushed just slightly with sleep.

Again, Sam sighed, and turned away from the mirror, his image disturbing him. He was very beautiful, he knew, but…

The boy bit his lip as he entered his bathroom, switching the light on and turning on the shower, waiting until it was steaming before stripping and stepping under the burning streams.

Sam's eyes closed, and he rested his head against the wall, letting the burning water run over his body. He stood there for a few moments, before running his hand through his hair, wetting it and dampening down the slight curls until it was flat against his neck.


With a small sigh of disappointment, Sam stepped out of the shower, and grabbed the fluffy towel to dry his body off. Seconds later, he wrapped the cloth around his waist and went to the counter, pulling the hair-dryer out of the drawer, as well as a brush and the toothpaste.

Twenty minutes later, his hair was dry, brushed, and just slightly curly, and his teeth were brushed. He left the bathroom-the sunrise lighting up his room with gentle colors from his window, illuminating his body as he went to his closet and pulled out the ugly, old shorts and the patched up muscle shirt he wore while cleaning the mansion he lived in.

He slid a pair of boxer-briefs on, then got dressed quickly, finishing just as a loud knock sounded on his door.

He sighed softly as he went to open it, staring at the women in the doorway.

"Good morning Naomi…"

She didn't respond, instead motioning for him to follow her, before turning and walking down the hallway. He groaned softly, but followed without complaint.


"You're late." His mother, Raina, sighed in that 'God, I am so disappointed in your life' way.

"By like…two minutes, Mother." Sam tried not to roll his eyes.

"It doesn't matter how late you were, just that you were late." She hissed, standing from her chair at the end of the large dining table.

"Now get to work."

Sam growled softly, but turned and stomped off towards the kitchen to get the cleaning supplies.

Raina sighed, sitting back down with a spoiled huff, "Oh, Naomi…What am I to do with that child?"

"Get rid of him. It's the only way you can rid yourself of the nuisance, Miss Raina...get rid of the boy, mistress." Naomi hummed.

"What do you mean?" Raina tilted her head, crossing her legs under her dress.

"Send him away; send him far, far away..." Naomi giggled, her eyes gleaming as she turned away, looking out the window.

Raina paused for a moment, and then narrowed her eyes.
"Sending him away won't do it. He'll always be the back of my mind...destroying me..." she growled softly, "Bring me Hunter, Naomi. I am done playing games with that bastard-child."

Naomi cackled and nodded, her eyes gleaming and she grinned, skipping out of the room happily to call Hunter, not seeing said child anywhere nearby and grinning madly.

Raina sighed softly, beginning to tap her long, sharp nails against her chair's armrest.

Naomi giggled as she skipped down the hallway, her eyes glinting as she accidentally bumped into Hunter. "Hunter, love!"
Hunter looked at her apprehensively, " look happy today."
"Mistress Raina wants to see you!" She answered in a sing-song tone.
The male gave her a strange look before nodding. "Okay...Are you alright?"
"Absolutely fantastic!" Naomi grinned, kissing his cheek, taking his hand and dragging him to Raina's room, Hunter being half in shock.

Raina smiled when she saw Naomi again, eyes lighting up slightly as she caught sight of Hunter.
"Ah, Mr. Wilder. How pleasant to see you again…"

Hunter smiled, though it might have been forced, and bowed respectfully to her. "Hello Raina.*
Naomi giggled again, twirling around as they talked.

Raina smiled, and then took a small sip of the wine she had been balancing on the arm rest of her chair.
"I have a mission for you, Wilder; A very, very important mission for you."

Hunter paused for a moment before looking at her and nodding, "What do you need me to do?"

"Kill Samuel."
She smiled and took another small drink.

Hunter stared, dumbstruck, for a moment.
"But why?"

Raina stopped moving mid-sip, looking at him over the rim of the cup. Moments later, she set the cup down on the table gently and wiped her mouth with a napkin lightly, still staring at Hunter.
"I will humor you, this time, Wilder. But remember…Never question Me." she growled, softly.
"Naomi. Explain to Mr. Wilder why Samuel must...disappear."

"Hunter, Hunter, Hunter...You wouldn't want to upset Miss Raina, now would you? We must get rid of anything that threatens her lifestyle, her happiness, her wealth...Sam threatens her in every way without even trying and that is completely Unacceptable. So why don't you be a dear and...take care of it?" She grinned, her eyes sparkling.
Hunter flinched, "You two are insane...he's just a boy..."
Raina grinned, laughing as she stood.
"He's just a boy, hmm? Just like your daughter is just a girl? Your son is just a boy too, and you wouldn't want anything bad to happen to them, would you? Not like what happened to your poor wife..." she smirked, walking closer until she was in front of him, almost nose to nose.
And then she slapped him.
"Now, do as your ordered and they'll stay as safe as can be. For now."
With another smile, she turned on her heels, going to the table and brushing some small scraps from atop a small chest usually used to hold her silver-ware. Carefully, she emptied it of the remaining spoon, and closed it before picking it up and walking over to him, handing him the heart-shaped box.
"Take him out to the forest. I don't care why or what you do to him beforehand, but I want you to kill him. And for the proof of his death, I want you to bring me back his heart in this box." She grinned darkly, and patted it gently.

Hunter nodded slowly, gripping the box in his hands. "Do you need anything else?"

The women smiled happily and shook her head.
"Do it today, love. That is all."

Hunter nodded slowly. "Can I leave now then, Miss Raina?"

Raina nodded dismissively, waving him off.
"Of course, of course. I want the box back by tonight."

Hunter nodded again before turning away, murmuring a soft 'thank you' before the door shut behind him.

The blonde women laughed softly, opening her arms joyfully.
"Ah, Naomi, dearest, after so long I will finally be free of that menace!"

Naomi giggled, looking up at her with a mad grin before suddenly going to the window again, all traces of her unexplained joy gone. After a few moments she relaxed again and smiled slightly, whispering, "It's going to rain..."

Raina smiled fondly, going over and joining her at the window.
"You like the rain, do you not?"

Naomi paused for a moment.
"The rain will wash away the blood..." she smiled again, giggling softly, "I like the rain, yes."

Raina laughed softly, nodding.
"I never thought of that." she smiled fondly, hand going up to gently play with the ends of Naomi's hair.

Naomi giggled, eyes brightening as she looked at Raina again.

The older women smiled at her fondly, humming before brushing her fingers across Naomi's cheek, then turning again and going back to her chair.
"Now, why don't we eat? This wonderful food will go to waste soon."

Naomi smiled slightly again, looking after her, blinking and tilting her head, following slowly and stopping a few feet away.

Raina chuckled softly, smiling as she picked up her fork and motioned for Naomi to sit with her.
"Come, sit, and eat."

Naomi giggled quietly, doing as she was told and sitting near Raina and delicately picking up a fork, eyes flickering to the door as if she were expecting something to happen.

The blonde giggled softly, gently placing a plate in front of Naomi, before beginning to eat herself, humming softly at the taste.
"Enjoy it, love. Soon my step-son will be gone." she grinned darkly, humming.

Naomi laughed before nodding and beginning to nimble on the food on her plate, her eyes glinting happily.

Raina chuckled softly again, her thoughts going back to Hunter and Sam.
"Soon...very, very soon..."


Hunter walked up behind Sam quietly, silently brooding.
"Sam...We have a problem."

Sam looked up from where he'd been cleaning the stairs, sighing and tossing the scrubber back into the soapy water filled bucket.
"What is it...? Did she spill stuff all over the floor again just to piss me off?"

Hunter shook his head, frowning and sitting down beside him, obviously troubled.

Sam sighed again, shaking his head and ruffing his hair before standing.
"Come on...I'll go change and you can tell me about it in the field."

The older man sighed and shook his head.
"You need to go, Sam...You need to leave here. Now."
He looked up him, his eyes unreadable but there was obvious concern in his demand.

The younger boy frowned, biting his lip.
"Hunter, what are you talking about?"

Hunter shook his head, glancing back at the stairs as a warning before whispering quietly.
"Raina has finally completely lost it. She wants you dead, kid."

Sam blinked.
"What? What do you mean she wants me dead? What are you talking about, Hunter?" He gave the man a look, a slightly panicked sound to his voice.

Hunter kept glancing at the stairs before taking Sam's arm roughly and dragging him outside, hissing at him to be quiet.

Sam whimpered softly, eyes widening.
Hunter had never acted like this before...he'd always been kind to Sam...he'd always taken care of him.
The older man had practically raised him since his father had died, back when Sam had been five.
Raina had always been weird, but she'd been tolerable before his father's death...had even liked to take Sam out and pick flowers with him.
And she was trying to kill him?
And Hunter was scaring him, and he didn't like it.
"H-Hunter, wh-what's going on?"

Hunter bit his lip, looking at Sam again once they were outside and beginning to explain everything in a hushed whisper, letting go of Sam reluctantly.

The younger boy listened slightly, eyes widening even more as he tried to take it all in.
"O-oh God...Hunter, what do I do?" he whimpered softly, tears coming to his eyes.
"H-Hunter, what-what do I-I do? I ca-an't-I don't ha-have any-nywhere el-else to-o go..."

He just shook his head, running a hand through his hair.
"I don't know, Sam. You have to get away from here though. You have to."

Sam whimpered softly, looking down at himself.
"I-I need to go change...I can't go anywhere...looking like one will help me if I'm dressed like this..." he tried to keep his breathing steady.

Hunter sighed, looking back at the doors again, worried. "I don't think it matters anymore..."
Sam didn't answer, hesitating before walking across the yard, and into the back door of the small tower he called his room.
"I-I don't know what to do...I don't know what to do..." he whispered to himself, trying to think of a plan through the haze that had consumed his mind.

Hunter looked after him with concern, before looking around to make sure no one else had seen or heard what was going on.

The smaller boy raced up the stairs, throwing his door open as he tore the shirt and shorts off, leaving him only in his boxers as he looked through his closet.
"Nothing, nothing, nothing!" He hissed, throwing aside a number of fancy outfits that would do him no good outside of a rich party.
Soon his closet was empty except for one last article of clothing.
"Fuck, I can't wear a dress...can I?"

Sam hesitated once more, before sliding into the dress, fixing his hair as he looks at himself in the mirror once, before leaving quickly back to Hunter.
The dress wasn't fancy, but it wasn't dish like his other clothes either.
He'd gotten it last year, a small gift from Hunter's late wife for a bundle of flowers he'd sent her while she'd been sick (it had meant to be their daughters, but it had been to big anyway, and all they'd had to thank him).
He'd never had a reason to wear it...and he'd never thought he ever would...but it was all he had left.

Hunter sighed, impatiently waiting around outside. He smiled as he saw Sam in the dress, but quickly went back to the alert watch he'd been on before, scanning around them quickly.

The younger boy immediately went to him, noticing the box but not questioning it as he looked up at the man.
"Wh-what do I do Hunter...?"

Hunter bit his lip, frowning slightly as he thought. " There are supposed to be people somewhere on the other sides of the forest if you can find them. I don't know what else you can do, kid..."
Sam hesitated then nodded, eyes closing as he tried to think.
"Okay...okay..." He began to walk towards the forest, but stopped.
"H-Hunter..." he whimpered softly, and turned back, running over and hugging him around the waist tightly.
"Thank you...I'll miss you."

Hunter paused for a moment then smiled, hugging him back gently.
"Be careful, Sam. Lord knows what those girls will come up with if they find out…"
The dark haired boy nodded, then leaned up and kissed Hunter's cheek gently.
"Thank you, Hunter...for everything." and then he gently pulled away and disappeared into the forest, silently.

Hunter watched after him for a moment before starting for the forest also, though he wasn't going to follow Sam.

Oh, no, he wasn't.

He loved Sam too much to ever do such a thing. Instead, he was going to follow his own plan to avoid getting in trouble with Raina, he had to move his small family as far away from here as possible, before Raina found out.