Sam woke hours later, happy and warm in someone's arms.
He looked around then bit his lip, trying not to grin when he finally saw Brendan's sleeping, peaceful face.

Brendan was smiling, holding Sam close to him as he slept.
Somewhere, probably from the main room, there was the faint sound of Henry's laughter and Donnie's whining about something, probably the cold. Donnie hated when it was cold. He seemed to get really bitchy during the winter, too.

Sam smiled at the sound, sitting up slowly and gently shaking Brendan awake, "Brendan, love, it's time to get up..."

Brendan groaned softly, blinking up at him.
"Do I gotta...?"

"Yes, dear. You do." he smiled, kissing his forehead.

Sam snorted, "You're lucky you got this long. I'm surprised the twins didn't-"
Before he could finish, his door burst open, and the twins ran in, eyes wide and excited.
Sam screamed at the sudden surprise and fell off the bed, dragging Brendan to the floor with him in a mess of blankets and limbs.

Brendan covered his mouth to hide his squeak of protest and surprise. "U-um..."
He blushed lightly, because he was now on top of Sam and in what probably must have seemed like a very provocative position.

Sam was bright red, staring up at him with wide, shocked eyes.
"...are we interrupting something?" Skye asked, tilting his head at them with a wide smirk.

Brendan blushed brighter, shaking his head and trying to figure out how to untangle he and Sam.

Stanford giggled, watching them. Sam's legs were tangled with Brendan's, their bodies pressed together tightly, with one of his arms clenching Brendan's shirt tightly, the other wrapped around his neck. Brendan's own arms-one supporting himself from crushing Sam, the other cradling the back of Sam's head so as to protect it from the hard wooden ground.
"Well, hurry up then! The others are waiting!"
Sam blushed brightly again, "S-Sorry...we'll be out in a minute, then..."

Brendan tried not to laugh, smirking slightly and trying to untangle himself one-handedly, using the hand he'd had around Sam's head.
"Maybe a few minutes..."

Sam snorted, giggling softly as he leaned up, letting go of Brendan's shirt and shoulder, using his two hands to slowly sit up, and untangling their legs carefully.
"Well, that was easier than it seemed to be..." he whispered, grinning.

Brendan laughed softly, rolling his eyes and sitting up again. "Well that's definitely not my favorite way to wake up..."

Sam laughed softly, "You don't like waking up to screaming, then falling on top of me?"

Brendan grinned slightly.
"Not particularly, no..."

Sam snorted, grinning, standing and helping him up.
"Aww, damn..."

Brendan smirked slightly, leaning forward and kissing him gently.
"Mmm, I don't mind waking up to you, though..."

The smaller boy blushed, smiling and looking up at the other boy.
"Neither do I..." he murmured softly, blushing even brighter when he heard the twins giggle.
Stanford snorted, "Come oooon, lovebirds!" he whined, grabbing Sam's hand while Skye grabbed Brendan's, and they dragged them out of the room, slamming the door behind them, and into the living room with everyone else.
Sam paused, allowing himself to grow used to the bright lights. Darcy sat in his usual spot, but this time, Donnie was sitting in his lap, smiling brightly, cuddled to the older boy, one of his hands laced with Gasper's-who was cuddled against Darcy's side, his own small smile lighting up his features. Darcy was smiling as well, looking happier than he'd been in a while.
Ben and Henry where sitting on the other loveseat, and that was where the twins bee-lined for-Skye sitting on Henry's lap, and Stanford going to cuddle to Ben's side, smiling at the arm his usually timid boyfriend wrapped around him.
Sam grinned, "Good morning, everyone..."

Brendan stayed silent, kind of hoping he wouldn't be noticed. He didn't really feel so welcome.
"Good morning, Sam, Brendan," Henry chirped happily.

Gasper grinned, more relaxed then Sam had ever seen him before. He was practically glowing.
"Mmm, morning Sam...Princeton..." he purred eyes closing as he leaned against Darcy and Donnie.
Darcy snorted, nuzzling him and winking at Sam.
Sam just blushed slightly, grinning, taking Brendan's hand and pulling him the couch the three of them were on, forcing him into the empty seat on the other side, and sitting on his lap.
"I take it you three had a good night?"
Darcy chuckled, petting Donnie lightly, "Lovely night, yes. Yourself?"
Sam smiled, glancing at Brendan-who smiled at him gently.
"Yes, it was…nice. How did you sleep Henry? Ben?" he grinned.

Henry grinned, as bright and shining as always. "Just wonderful, love."
Ben nodded in agreement, not wanting to say anything.
Brendan smiled slightly, petting Sam gently and listening to the chattering and Donnie's purring.

The raven in Brendan's lap laughed softly, smiling.
"Wonderful..." he grinned, cuddling to him.
Skye's eyes were bright as he looked at Henry, "Can we open them Now! We've been waiting all night!"

Henry laughed, a rare smirk appearing before he kissed Skye's forehead. "Don't break anything, okay?"

Skye's eyes lit up and he grinned, kissing Henry deeply in thanks before practically leaping from the couch and onto the box in front of the fireplace.
Stanford-who'd been dragged along with him-laughed, almost toppling into the fire, had Skye not grabbed him and pulled him back away from the flames, they landed in a pile, both gleefully laughing as they looked at Henry and Ben happily.
Sam smiled, watching them for a moment before whispering to Brendan; "They haven't had their medicine yet. It's what keeps them from being so...energetic."

Brendan nodded slightly. It seemed to make sense.
Donnie glanced up curiously, watching the twins with slight amusement.

The twins both grinned, before attacking the big box, almost breaking into purring of their own when they found what was wrapped inside.

Henry hummed softly, leaning against Ben lightly.

Skye looked at Henry, eyes bright.
"These must have cost a small fortune..." he purred, hugging tightly to the huge, plushy comforter that came from the box they'd just unwrapped.
Stanford nodded, running his fingers over the smooth, silky-feeling of the blankets now surrounding them, completely in awe.

Henry shrugged slightly, smiling happily as he watched them, absentmindedly petting Ben.

Stanford grinned brightly, crawling over to the couch and kissing Ben deeply, whispering something to him with a small, fond smile.
Skye purred quietly, crawling after Stanford, and smiled up at Henry, "You're so awesome, Henry..."

Henry chuckled softly, petting Skye with his free hand. "Mmm, thank you. I'm glad you like it then."
Ben blushed brightly, smiling at Stanford.

Skye leaned into his hand, smiling and closing his eyes at his lover's touch.
"Mmm, we'll be using these later..." he murmured softly, purring and leaning into Henry's hand.
Darcy snorted, "Keep it clean, Skye. We have company."
Skye grinned, looking at him, "Yes, Darcy..."
He kissed Henry gently before turning to go pack the blankets and comforter back into the box with the matching pillows.
Stanford-after nuzzling Ben lovingly-followed suit, going over to help him put the present back in the box for later.

Henry smirked slightly, leaning against Ben again.
Ben slid down in his spot, closing his eyes and sighing softly at the momentary peace.

Darcy smiled, waiting for the twins to put the expensive coverings away before nuzzling Donnie.
"Ready for your present, darling...?"

Donnie blinked, going silent as he looked up at Darcy, tilting his head slightly.
"Present?" He asked softly, sounding like a little kid.

Darcy chuckled softly, nodding, "Present."
Gasper grinned slightly, kissing Donnie lightly, before standing and going to their room. He disappeared for a moment, then there was a soft banging noise, and it went quiet again.
He came back out, a large, circular box in his hands, being held carefully.
The dark haired boy smiled slightly as he sat back on the couch, setting the box in Donnie's lap.
"Merry Christmas, Donnie..."

Donnie blinked, looking between Gasper and the box curiously before beginning to open it slowly.

Before he could open it completely, a small, furry bundle popped up, forcing the top of the box to fall to the ground.
The small kitten meowed loudly, looking up at Donnie with big, wide eyes.

Donnie blinked, staring at it for a moment before grinning brightly, picking the fluffy feline up into his arms gently.
He looked at Darcy and Gasper, as if to say thank you, but not really able to form the words. Donnie looked back to the kitten again, petting it gently.

Darcy smiled, nuzzling Donnie gently, "You like it?"
Gasper smiled, gently pulling the bow around the kitten's neck off so that it could move around a little better.
"I told you he would..."

Donnie giggled softly, moving slightly and kissing both of them deeply. "Thank you."

Gasper smiled, practically purring as he leaned against Darcy.
Sam watched them quietly, smiling.
He glanced at Brendan, kissing him gently and cuddling to his chest.
Last month, he would never have thought that he'd be with people that loved him, cared for him...
He smiled at Brendan, "I love you..." he murmured softly.
And for the first time, when Brendan whispered it back to him in that sweet, loving voice that Sam loved, he felt truly like he belonged.