I know it's starting to slip

State of mind

State of matter

Mind over matter

Heaven hit me hard

but now it's all over

Kaleidoscopic dreams

drifting across a

Blank page

A butterfly


Glowing wings

painting a picture

in a glass sky

Don't let it shatter

Can you imagine?

Throw one into the crowd

Maybe if I caught it,

I'd keep it


Maybe there's a secret world

Deep beneath the sand

and we could dance one last time


The air, so thick with tears

you could swim through it

Swim through the night

Among the fish that

hung from the ceiling

In perfect little pairs

Listen to them scream

Strawberry kiwi lemonade,

Pistachio ice cream

So sweet you couldn't stand it

But please, don't complain

I'm no good at comfort

from hundreds of days away

One day we'll escape

our prison of monotony

And maybe I'll have the heart

or the brain

to share my favorite secret

with my favorite dreamer