Break Me

Thursday August 18, 2011

The anger is coursing through me

My blood is boiling

It's rising in me

I'm so angry

I feel the need to break something

I need to get this anger out of me

It's poisoning my blood

I can't breath

Chocking on my hate and anger

I'm so angry

At who?

I know not

Suddenly I'm angry at myself

The only person here

The only person who slightly cares

I'm ripping apart my room

Wishing I could tear my walls down

My room

My life


I destroyed it all

I break treasured memoirs

I tear stuff from my wall

Knock down my self

My dresser my desk

Upturn my bed

The storm rages through me

I rage through the room

Tearing my books apart

Tearing everything apart

Tearing myself apart

Minutes later the storm is over

I sit in the middle of it all

I'm holding the only thing that wasn't destroyed


But I feel my seems breaking

I feel myself falling

I see a broken piece of glass

I grasp it in my hand

Squeezing until pain flares in my hand

The blood trickles from my hand

And I open my fist to see the jagged glass

I draw it across my wrist

It breaks the skin

And blood is running free

Tears race down my cheeks


I know not

But the pain in my arm

It hurts

So much

It burns

Taking away from the pain in my chest

Taking away from the pain that can't heal

Reminding me

I am human

Reminding me

That this will heal

But my heart won't