Shades of Grey
Dedicated to Cathy under the assumption she'll never read it.

She didn't realise until much later
Just how bad it had gotten –
Just how close she was
To happily never after.
I guess, when you're so used
To seeing in grey
You forget that colour is possible.
So, when her world started shifting
And it got a little darker
It didn't faze her.
Because really, it was all just
Another shade of grey.
It was when those colours
Started seeping back in
That it really connected
How far she had fallen.
It was her epiphany
You could say,
Her moment of illumination.
It was gradual, her recovery
At first it was splotches
Like paint dripping down a wall.
But eventually the full pallet returned.
All the hues she'd forgotten,
All the colours she never knew
She missed until now.
And it scared her realising
How close that state of grey
Came to becoming
Unending black.
All she knew at the time
Was grey and shades of it
And it frightens her now –
The thought of loss of colour.
But she knows now,
Just how bad it had gotten
And she won't allow herself
To ever lose sight again.
And I'll be right here
Through all the stages,
I won't let the grey
Take hold of her for long.
She's not afraid anymore
To let herself remember.
And I won't hesitate
To make sure she does.

I just hope she knows
I never gave up on her –
Never will give up on her
No matter the effort required.
I'll be right here
Through any shades of grey.
I'll be right here –
Always and always and ever.