i can't exactly remember the order of every president
i may have misplaced my knowledge of constellations
it's a little foggy thinking about my childhood letters sent
i'd fall under pressure to name every single nation

and yet, there are still the things i wont forget
as taboo as they may be, forever they'll stay
i've said a some words that i may regret
but together, they've gotten me to this day

when i was four years old,
shoes laced with velcro
religion was my cartoons
going to go to school soon
nervous for first impressions
no clue about recessions

junior high was around the bend
hair tied up with a rubber band
artificial friends of the day time
these were the days i started to rhyme
shallow as a tide pool
hope they think i look cool

there was the day when i fell fast
in a first love i figured would always last
and it did, for a few years
had a lot of a laughs, shared a few tears
but nothing ever stays the same
we grew up, there was no shame

i may not remember my first bed spread
i have long forgotten my favorite color
i lost the box of rocks i once collected
i was full of wisdom when i was smaller

but you, my friends, i'll never lose sight of
i'll see your smile in the grocery store and know
this may be the millionth time i've said it's love
but i'll always see these thoughts in a picture show