she was raped by a celestial being. does that,
she wonders, make it any better?
because at least she can say -
he was absolutely divine, once i stopped crying.

it's all just oh-so confusing. she is only
thirteen years old. yesterday afternoon she was
wondering when her breasts would
finally grow.

and then it was midnight and she heard a tap on the window and through the glass she saw something. her first instinct was to scream but then he was inside - of her room - and then he was clad in nothing but his lovely pale flesh and he was inside - of her. his long fingers covered her mouth and he was touching her everywhere, everywhere, until she was covered in filthy handprints. he was moaning and she wanted to say stop but he would not let her speak and He Made The Rules.

mary was raped by an angel, no, a god.
does that make it any better?

make of it what you will. don't really know where it came from.