They stood upon the edge of darkness, where naught but shadows lingered.

Seven walked alone eternal,

Seven dripped with blood,

Seven shone midst the shadows,

And seven stood eternal.

First seven stood in darkness,

Next seven fought in mud,

Yet seven ran through fields aglow,

Last seven were immortal.

Truth was searching for the answer,

Regret was looking back,

Sorrow cried now and forever,

And Guilt would never rest.

Doubt would never cease to question,

Despair would never smile,

Dementia lost, consumed by madness,

These seven born of darkness.

Rage could not see past anger,

Madness lost comprehension,

Destruction devoured all creation,

Defiance will be forever.

Carnage reveled in combat,

Sacrifice died for a purpose,

Slaughter slew ten thousand,

Seven children of War.

Hope would persevere,

Joy would stay carefree,

Mercy would always forgive,

and Courage would achieve.

Peace was ever brief,

Comprehension sadly lacking,

Compassion understanding,

Seven within our dreams.

Life was the creator,

Chaos never rested,

Famine ruled a barren wasteland,

and Conquest laughed upon his throne.

Pestilence racked the world in sickness,

War created friends and foes,

Death reclaimed all those that fell,

Seven eternal forces.

First seven died in solitude,

Next seven died in brothers arms,

Next seven live on in our hearts,

and last seven watch on eternal.

These twenty and eight, that rule our lives,

Think not of us nor of themselves,

Exist only for we name them,

and give life to their frozen ideals.

So tell me, do they define you, or do you define them.