Seventeen Winters

Sixteen winters I have seen,

Watched the trees change from leafless to green.

Gazed on the graves of flowers demised.

But soon, from their bedding of death, they will rise.

Sixteen springtimes have passed me by

Seen the tiny swallows learning to fly

Watched the colour of green return to the trees

As their branches dance in and flirt with the breeze.

Sixteen summers I have felt

the sun upon my back and smelt

the salt on the air that comes with the waves

Exploring the coastline's myriad of caves

Sixteen autumns have fallen down

Just like those leaves that have changed to brown

The strong winds have stripped the branches bare

So ending their six month love affair

Another winter has come and past

T'was so much(colder than the last

This time, flowers won't rise from ground,

And the wind will cease to sing it's sound.