The Mania Within

When my eyes open up, I am no longer still
My mind has immediately started to race
Looking for something that'll give me a thrill
My sense of stability has been misplaced.

I try to stay calm but my brain suffers tweaks
That causes me to twitch and writhe in my skin
An outlet for this energy my body now seeks
Trying to save myself from the mania within…

Hear it in my ears, the ringing it drones
On and on without any signs that it may cease
Shatters the silence with a million broken stones
Until I grab my temples and begin begging, please,

That someone help me find the sanity I've lost
Help me find it and restore me back once more
Before me these voices continue to accost
Driving nails into the very center of my core

Turns my brain into one riddled with illness sick
Until it slowly dies and starts to decompose
Causing my body to be wracked with constant ticks
That eventually causes me to begin to suppose

That maybe in nothingness there is a pleasure
Felt by those who feel nothing at all
So I begin to savor the taste of the treasure
That I wish to have at my beck and call

But instead I feel more than I should
And because of this my knee bounces nonstop
As I try to imagine if ever life would
Be that much better if ever I could adopt

This position in which there is no disease
No feelings of slowly breaking out of my skin
And all this causes me to beg to someone, please…
Please save me from the mania within…