My Way

Can somebody just tell me which way to go

Tell me the right path for me

Life would not be as hard if I knew the right way

There are so many paths to take

And it is so hard to go back for a re-do

Then again, where would the fun be in life

If everybody did what they had to do, not what they wanted to do

Thinking about it now, I do not want to know

The perils in life make us who we are

Why should we make short-cuts if we all end the same

Why rush to our own demise, and miss out on the experience that is life

Our path in life is already set, set before we were born

The only difference between two people,

Is the speed we have down that path

In short, I want to live my life

The way I want to live it, no short-cut or bridges

Just me, walking down my path, smelling the roses

Wondering where it will take me

But knowing I will get there someday.