How I Suddenly Became A Werewolf?

By: Kumquat 8)

Prolouge: Don't worry, this isn't some stupid vampire romance, not even close. My story's alot different. It's basically about a girl who ends up howling at the moon one night for some strange apparent reason that she couldnt explain. Trust me, waking up with hair in disturbing places is not something an ordinary teenage girl goes through. that's why I knew it was something more. Let's start from the beginning before I changed, hopefullt that way you can uncover the truth...

"Dessa? Dessa? Dessa!" My best friend Sydney Blackhawk said snapping in my face. I was startled at first to be awaken from my daydream. So I nodded to show I had her attention and went back to eating disgusting school cafeteria food.

"Gavin again?" Sydney asked me smiling. I nodded with my mouth full. "Well just ask him out." Syd suggested. I nearly regurgitated my green beans, "Me? Ask him out? Have you lost your mind?" I knocked on the side of her head to check, "Yup it's hollow."

"Don't be ridiculous Dessa! I mean how hard can it be! I asked out Chad when I liked him." She said munching on a French fry.

I shook my head, "Well in case you didn't notice Sydney you were in 4th grade and Chad picked his nose back then!"

"Yeah well he was still a hunk." She said with a twinge of hurt in her voice.

"Mmm hmm." I said sarcastically.

"Well that's not the point. Your so pretty I'm sure Gavin would love to go to the dance with you." Sydney offered though I knew it was a lie, Me Odessa Baird pretty? You'd have to be a whacked to think that.

"Seriously Syd! Me?" I said to her. I thought about my always knotty black hair I had in 3 pig tails and my nerdy glasses I wasn't a super model let's put it that way.

"I'd die for hair like yours!" She said gesturing to her plain brown. "You want hair that looks like a pig had diarrhea on it?" I asked her stupidly. "Come off it Dessa you're hair rocks!" Sydney said smiling. She was totally lying.

"Anyway Gavin has a girlfriend."

"A very ugly girlfriend that is. One with a pig snout and dried up hair from dying it to much and this giant zit on her forehead, I mean why would Gavin date a girl with a zit?" Sydney said turning her nose up.

"Thanks a lot I got a nice whopper on my forehead!" I said to her.

"Sorry." She mumbled but sounded more like a well wash your face type thing. Ok don't judge me cause I got a couple pimples. Ok its more like acne but whatever you're judging me already I know it.

A couple minutes later the bell rang.

"See ya Syd." I called after her on my way to the dreaded Gym class. I walked down the hallways of Burtenbak High School. The walls were covered in posters saying stuff like go fight win Coyotes! The sports posters made me think more and more like gym. Maybe I'd just stay and hide out in the locker room again. I thought to myself. Nah Jessica Tyler would tell on me again.

Jessica Tyler was world's biggest teacher's pet, and also happened to be Gavin Michael's girlfriend…

Speak of the devil. Jessica walked right past me with her gang of stuck up snobs, and as usual all the wannabes would follow.

"Hey Odette, ready for gym class?" Jessica asked me purposely getting my name wrong.

"It's Odessa. And yes Jeannine I am." I said through gritted teeth.

"Whatever Oklahoma." She said and went off laughing with her evil minions.

I hurried through the large doors of Burtenbak High's gym. The floor was Green and White are school colors, well not just the floor, everything. The worst of gym was that Gavin was in my class! I felt like such a loser whenever I missed the ball or tripped over someone. I truly was 'Dumb Dess" (That was my middle school nickname)

Well gym wasn't the bright spot of my day, I'd have to say the "noodles" we had for lunch were the highlight. Even though I'm not so sure they were noodles… And the worst of my days were at home with Avery and Thad the evil step siblings in my life. You see my mom married Richard Hilson, nice guy just too worky work and no kid time. Sadly though he had to come with 2 free terrors; Thad and Avery who hated my guts Avery is a year younger then me at age 14 and just happens to be a kleptomaniac who steals all my valuables and Thad who is 19 and happens to be in a gang. Avery goes to a 'special' school and Thad dropped out of Burtenbak High School. Enough of the background check? Thank God because I think I start in boils whenever I talk about them.

Avery was up in our room reading when I came upstairs.

"What're you reading." I said plainly as I entered.

She smirked. "None of your beeswax." I tried to get a glimpse at the title but she hid it quickly under her pillow. I blew out a deep breath. Talking to Avery was impossible. We were close in age, it's not like we had nothing in common.

"I'm leaving, you disgust me." Avery said and stalked out of the room.

"Why me?" I muttered

Sorry if that was really boring! I just needed to fill you in on background and stuff so you would understand.

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