Shatter My Heart

By Kumquat 8)

Shatter the glass

Shatter the windows

Shatter my heart, like you shattered my soul

You shattered my heart now I'm falling apart

Should've saw you were no good from the start

Now look, you've shattered my heart…

Why did you think I was bulletproof?

You should've realized pain can affect me too

The shattered glass has now stabbed my heart

It should be you, not me who is falling apart

Love is a battle all by itself

I should've listened and kept to myself…

Shatter the door

But in pain I won't fall to the floor

I won't show weakness, I'll fight to the end

Even though when I'm hurt no hand will be lent

This heartbreak won't break me down remember I'm strong, I'll keep sticking around….

Why was I stupid?

Now I know don't go messing with cupid

But I couldn't get enough of you

Should've no about the things you do

Why couldn't I read the signs?

Should've seen the tangled web of lies

My brain must've been dead

Should've fell for someone else instead…

Shatter the glass

Shatter the windows

Shatter my heart like you shattered my soul…

Was it lame? I wrote it in school in English when I was bored out of my mind, I normally do stupid random poems but I decided to post a serious one.

Later peeps