Bugaboo's Twist

By Kumquat 8)

Far away, in a meadow on the island of Kapoopoo, there was a beautiful purple flower. The flower was home to I, Bugaboo. I am a waba. Wabas are little miniature balls of fluff. My fluff is all the colors of the rainbow. Our story starts here, as I, Bugaboo, was resting on my dandelion bed.

"Bugaboo!" said Chico, a little Mexican waba who is my very best friend. He had bright orange fur, cute little brown eyes, and he always wore a sombrero. "What?" I groaned.

"Come on Bugaboo." He said. "Let's go play outside by Crystal Pond!" Chico said, clapping his little sausage fingers. "Ok, but can Libby come?" I asked. She was my other best friend. So we scrambled out of my flower home.

"Hey guys!" said Libby. She had neon pink fur and pretty lavender eyes. She always wore a cute bow in her hair. She wore a different color everyday. "Hi Libby, we're going to Crystal Pond to play. Do you want to come?" I asked her. "Sure, I'd love to." Oh, and Chico too," she exclaimed, as she was bouncing up and down. What she said about Chico wasn't really true. She always tried to be nice to him. "Thanks." Chico said blushing. He always got shy around Libby.

"Wait, I don't think we should go. I heard last night on Waba Central News that a storm is coming." she said. "Oh Libby, we'll be fine, you are such a worrier." I said, sort of rudely. Together we went to play at Crystal Pond.

We were playing for about 30 minutes when the wind started to pick up. "Buggy, Libby, I think we should go back now." Chico said biting his lip. He always did this when he was nervous. "Not yet Chico!" I exclaimed. "No Buggy, Chico's right, we should go back." Libby said.

"Ah!" I screamed, for the wind had picked me up. "Tornado!" Chico screamed, his lip was bleeding now from biting it. The funnel came closer and closer to us. We were all screaming now. I braced myself , for I knew that it might suck us up. And it did! I couldn't breathe. It was choking me. I couldn't even talk, and neither could Libby or Chico. I knew I was going to die. I didn't want to die. I never got to eat a triple scoop ice cream cone. I always wanted to do that. As I was deep in thought, I could feel the tornado loosening its grip. I could finally breathe again. We all fell tumbling to the ground.

"Where are we?" Chico asked. "I don't know." Libby said. Then, we saw something huge, something scary. Two large feet stomped down towards us. I knew what it was since we had learned about them in school. It was a HUMAN! "Ah!" we all yelled. "Aw, you can talk!" it exclaimed.

Her hands came down and scooped us up. "It's ok little guys, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm Chelsea." She said. Not hurt me I thought! Her giant hands can crush me!

"Oh my gosh! You little fluffy things are so cute!" I'm going to take you home with me." She exclaimed. She took us to her home. "Mom, I'm home!" she cried, and ran up the stairs and into her room. She put us in a little cage. She named me, Rainbow, Libby, Princess, and Chico, Taco.

"Chelsea, time for dinner!" a voice yelled. "Coming!" Chelsea yelled. She ran out of her room. "Oh, Bugaboo, look what you got us into!" Libby cried. "Sorry guys! Let's all try to think of a plan to get us out of here." I suggested. Oh sweet petunias what did I do? "We could eat our way out?" Chico suggested, and he started nibbling at the cage bars. "Oh Chico, that's not going to work!" Libby said, and she burst into tears. We went to comfort her. "We're going to get out of here don't worry Lib." I said. But, I wasn't so sure of it.

And that's when it hit me. "I have an idea!" I exclaimed. "What Buggy?" Chico asked. "I think I can squeeze myself through the bars since I'm pretty small." I said. They didn't think it would work, but, I said it would be worth a try. I sucked in with all my might and I slipped right through those bars. "Yay Bugaboo!" They cried. I opened the door and they scrambled right out. Uh oh! We were on Chelsea's desk. It was pretty high above the ground. "We're going to have to jump." I said. "NOOOO! Chico shouted. I knew he had a huge fear of heights. "You'll be ok buddy." I said reassuringly. We grabbed hands and we jumped. "Ah!" We all screamed. We hit the floor with a big thud.

Luckily, Chelsea left the door open so we could escape easily. We ran down the steps and through the doggy door. Then I realized we came here through a tornado. So how were we supposed to get back home? I explained the dilemma to the others. "Oh no! We'll never get home now!' she cried. Chico was thinking hard, something he rarely did. "Buggy? Maybe they have a radio like me so we can see when a storm is coming." Chico suggested. "Nice work, we can try it. And we ran to the garage.

"It's really big, and it needs a makeover." Libby said. "Look a radio!" I yelled. We ran to it. We switched, and turned, and twisted knobs until we found a weather station. We listened for one whole month until we found out a tornado was coming. We headed out to find the storm, and it took us back home to Kapoopoo, where we lived happily ever after.

The End

I wrote this for school last year and figured hey just put it up on fiction press maybe someone will like it!