Entitled to an Opinion

"There are no walls, there are no bolts, no locks that anyone can put on your mind." This quite means that no one can stop you from thinking or being creative. What happens in your mind no one has control on. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion. Rather they say it or not is up to them. What they think no one can stop. The quote Anne says to her father: "A diary! I've always longed for one!" By having a diary, Anne is able to write down her thoughts without anyone becoming upset. "It's the silence that scares me." By stating this, Anne is writing her thoughts in her diary. She was afraid that the Green Police, the Nazi police who wore green uniforms, would come for her, her family, and the Van Daan's. No one can decide how you think and feel, that's your mind's decision. The only person who can stop you from thinking is you. You're the only person who can cause you to think the way you do and waht you think about. No one can tell you how to think; only you can decide that.