"I'm falling in

I'm falling down

I wanna begin,

But I don't know how.

To let you know

How I'm feelin'.

I'm high on hope

I'm reelin'."

I slowly glided across the room as the song blared inside of the studio.

Saut de chat, arms down, arms reach out, fouette en tournant.

"And I won't let you go,

Now you know,

I've been crazy for you all this time.

I've kept it close

Always hoping

With a heart on fire,

A heart on fire.

With a heart on fire,

A heart on fire."

Grand ecart, releve, step onto one foot, pirouette, leg extension, attitude, high kick, leg spin, grand jete.

As the song ended, I heard the sound of someone clapping from the doorway. Confused, I turned towards the source and my jaw dropped. There, standing before me, was Luke Hightop. My knees wobbled and a dropped onto the ground with a gasp.

"Woah!" He cried out as he struggled to catch me. "Are you alright?"

"You're Luke Hightop," I stated, mentally slapping myself for mentioning the obvious.

He chuckled, " Yes I am, and you are?"

I stumbled as I got up, and my cheeks flushed. "I'm Sky- Sky Lacey. Well it's actually Skylar Annette Lacey but people call me Sky because it's so much easier and-"

A chuckle interrupted me, and I turned to look at Luke. My cheeks burned and I glared at the ground embarrassed. Luke must have noticed because he lifted my chin to face him.

"It's okay Sky, really. It's nice to meet you," He smiled and put out his hand for me to shake. I cautiously took it, and finalized the gesture.

"Not to be rude or anything, but why are you here?"

"I was just in the neighborhood and I heard music coming from inside of this studio. The door wasn't locked so I just came in. You're an incredible dancer by the way," He answered with an award winning smile on his face.

My heart melted a bit, but I quickly recomposed myself. "I really need to remember to lock that door..." I muttered and quickly thanked him.

"Sky, you should really consider auditioning for Westwood School of the Arts. You would make a wonderful addition."

"It's the beginning of the school year, Luke. I don't think they have auditions at this time of the year," I chuckled.

"For you, they might," He said as he pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

"Wait, what are you doing-"

"Hey Clarissa, I've got a dancer for you-"

"Wait, Luke!"

"Will you be free in two days?" He asked, and covered the receiver.

"Yes, but-"

"Yes, she will be available.."


"Thanks, I'll see you soon. Bye," He smirked as he hung up the phone. "Westwood School of the Arts at 11:30 A.M in two days. Be there or be square," He laughed as he exited the studio.


I was packing away my dance gear when it hit me. I'm going to be auditioning for Westwood and I don't even have a piece to audition with! I quickly unpacked my things and set up my IPod. I clicked the shuffle button and Skyfall by Adele began to play. I quickly choreographed a piece, gathered my stuff, and headed home to get ready for the day I had ahead of me. The first day of school.

I set my alarm for 6:30 A.M the night before, and it didn't fail to blare out a screeching sound on the dot. I struggled to get out of bed, and headed to my bathroom. I took a quick shower and dressed myself. When the clock read 7:10, I headed to my kitchen and grabbed an apple to munch on while I scavenged for my bag and school supplies. When I reached the core, I tossed it into the compost bin and called my best friend Scarlet. It rang a few times before I heard her squealing voice.

"Oh my gosh, Sky! You're alive! When I heard about the accident, I freaked! I'm sorry for not visiting you! I was on a cruise and -"

"It's okay Scar, chill. I just called to tell you to meet me in front of the main office. I need to pick up my schedule, and I'm pretty sure that you need to, too."

"Oh sure, of course! Be careful on your way! Look, I have to go but I'll see you soon! Bye!"

"Bye," I muttered as I heard the click of her hanging up. I grabbed my bag and headed out of the door. I walked up to my car and stared sadly at the empty spot beside it. I sighed, entered my car, and drove off.

When I reached the school, I hurried to find a parking spot. I grabbed my bag and exited the vehicle, locking the door behind me. I walked up the front steps of the school and pulled open the door that led to a long hallway that had blank walls. I stopped in front of the main office and waited for Scarlet to arrive. It wasn't long before I heard a loud squeal, and I turned my head in the direction of the sound.

"Sky! You're okay! Oh my gosh, I hope we have the same classes!" She shouted as she dragged me into the office. "Hi, class schedules for Scarlet Anderson and Skylar Lacey please."

"Alright, Scarlet Anderson and Skylar Lacey.. Let's see," The receptionist looked through the file cabinet. "Ah, here we are," She handed our schedules to us. I muttered a thanks and was about to leave, but she called back to me. "I'm sorry about your parents Miss Lacey. If you ever need to talk to someone, I am here. Just ask for Lianne," She smiled.

I gave her a small smile and thanked her. I exited the office with Scarlet trailing behind me. "Wow, that was weird," Scarlet laughed. I said nothing.

"Yay! We have AP Calculus and English together!" She squealed.

"That's two out of six classes. Do you have an elective this year?"

"Yeah! I have Art," She replied.

"Oh, that's cool!"

"You have dance, right?"

"Yep, the same as usual," I smiled.

"How do you have enough space in your schedule to fit dance every single year?!"

"I take classes in the summer to get my credits, remember?"

"Oh, right. Wow, you're so talented AND smart. Why can't I be you?"

"Because you're perfect just the way you are, Scar. Plus you're-" The bell interrupted the pep talk.

"I'll see you in Calculus!" I shouted as she walked the opposite way. I sighed and rushed to History.

The class was such a bore, especially with people staring at me and whispering to each other as if I couldn't hear them. What fools. Calculus was the same, but there was Scarlet to add to it. I groaned as I scribbled down notes. When the bell rang, I rushed to my locker, leaving Scarlet behind. I caught up with her in the cafeteria and listened to her conversations with the group while I ate my apple silently. When the bell rang once again, I headed to class. I was glad that we didn't have to do any icebreaker activities. When English came around, I was exhausted but I was excited for dance since it was my next period. I completed my worksheet right when the bell sounded for the next class. I rushed to dance and was first to arrive. I sat down on the studio floor while the other students poured in. The bell rang to signal the beginning of the class, and a man stepped out in front of us.

"Hello, I am Mr. Jakoby and I will substitute for Ms. Puian today. Any questions? No? Okay then let's get start-"

"Ah crap!" A red headed girl sitting in a corner loudly whispered.

"Yes, miss..."

The girl blushed furiously," Sorry! I don't think I'm supposed to be in this class. I'm Jessie and -"

"If you are not in this class then GET OUT!" The teacher shouted.

The class gasped, and Jessie whimpered. I furrowed my eyebrows and stood up. "With all due respect sir, you didn't have to yell at her."

"And who do you think you are?" He stalked over to me.

"A student defending another. Knowing my name is not necessary at this time, but knowing yours is."

"And what are you going to do? Tattle? HAH! I don't know who you are missy, but I am Arnold Jakoby. So sit back down and shut up!" He screamed in my face. "Kids nowadays are so rude," he muttered.

"Excuse you, but you are the rude one here. Plus, your name doesn't ring a bell!" Jessie shouted.

"Yeah! And do you know who you just shouted at Mister 'Almighty'?" Other kids joined.


My name must have rung a bell in his head because his face quickly paled. He struggled to find words, and remained silent. Jessie came up to me and thanked me. The others gathered around me and decided to go to the counseling office to report . We all filed out of the room and shut the door behind us, leaving the teacher inside. We told our counselor what had happened and she told us she would deal with it. While the others left the office, I stayed behind to talk to the counselor.

"Ms. Carlyle, I won't be in school tomorrow."

"And why is that Miss Lacey?"

"I have an audition for Westwood School of the Arts..."

"Do you have a confirmation slip signed by your parents?"

A lump formed in my throat, "Well if they were available to sign it, then I would have it. But they aren't."

"If you want to go to that audition, then you need to have a slip. I'll call your parents if you want," she said while typing away at her computer, not paying any real attention to me.

Tears rolled down my cheek, " I would kill to hear their voices again."

She stopped typing and looked at me. Realization dawned on her and she immediately covered her mouth and apologized. She handed me tissues and excused me for the day ahead.

"Good luck, Sky."

The next morning, I gathered my dance gear and ate an apple before I headed off to Westwood. When I pulled up to the school, I was amazed by its architectural structure. I stepped inside and I was met with a grand hallway with marble floors. I smiled and looked for a map. I noted that the theater, where my audition was being held, was in the west wing. I headed towards the theater and passed a few classrooms along the way. "This school looks so amazing," I thought. I entered the theater and noticed a table with a few people seated at it. I walked towards them introduced myself and handed them my music. They nodded in acknowledgement and signaled for me to go onto the stage. I got into my starting position and began dancing when they started the song. I danced my heart out and didn't relax until I finished the piece. I looked at the row of judges and they all smiled, amused. I thanked them, and exited the stage.

[ dance: watch?v=jcyuv4GyPNE ]

~Corey's Point of View ~

"Why is Ms. Melander so tough on us all the time! She's driving me crazy!" Tyler groaned.

"It's only the second day of school, and you're already complaining," I laughed. We were exiting the classroom when I heard music coming from the theater. I stopped at the door and watched as a girl danced effortlessly around the stage.

"Who's the chick?" Tyler asked.

"I don't know, but we're going to find out," I smiled mischievously. "Come on!" I shouted as I grabbed Tyler's arm. We waited outside until the girl walked out. We were just about to follow her, but someone held us back.

"What do you two idiots think you're doing?" They asked.

I groaned in frustration and turned around. "Luke, buddy! Haven't seen you in a while, considering that you're now famous and all," I smiled.

He raised his eyebrow and laughed, "Let's go grab some lunch."

"Sure," I agreed. Tyler and I followed Luke out to his car, just as the dancer girl drove out of the parking lot.