What If?

Is Christopher Reeve did not believe in himself, his life would be different. "You're still you. And I love you," his wife, Dana, had told him. If Reeve did not think he could do certain things, such as play with his son, the he would lose the faith that his wife Dana had given him. "Over the last few years, we've learned a lot about something called family values." Reeve also wouldn't have wanted to learn how to take care of himself with a disability and cope with having one. "…she could tell that even though I was as white as a sheet, I was happy to be out in the world again." He would have less confidence and shy away from doing things that he still could have done with a disability. He would also begin to pull away from his family. I don't think that he would make public appearances because he would be afraid of what others would think. Also, Reeve would be unable to drive a car and ride horses. He would be unable to do several things that he used to be able to do. I think that Christopher Reeve's life would be very different if he did not believe in himself.