The Hakairi people are a rare race of hybrids. Only a couple bands of them still exist, they were first founded by the first Hakairen Conchita, Misaki, who told the tell of her parents and how she had been told of how their race had been originated.

"While the earth was still young, not many things were around at the time, a few animals, namely a couple of foxes, wolves, monkeys, and humans. One day a fox was heading to her favorite pond, but when she was close an unfamiliar scent hit her nose. She never smelt it before, so being the curios fox she was, she moved forward in order to see what and where it was coming from. A few feet away from the strange yet oddly sweet scent that drew her in, she saw a strange being, she hid in the bushes. 'I know you're there.' This 'thing' had a deep velvety voice that made her tail perk up a bit.

-This creature is the one giving off this scent…I must know what it is. - She thought making her way towards it. When she met its eyes, she saw the brightest green she ever saw, one that could rival the forest in the sunlight. 'What are you?' She asked yips and barks leaving her mouth. It smiled at her. 'Me?' he asked understanding her. She nodded sitting on the ground away from it. 'I'm a human. Haven't you ever seen one?' he asked. The vixen shook her head. 'I see. Well I've seen a lot of you around. You're a fox right?' the human asked. She nodded again standing up and walking slowly towards the human. 'What are you fox or vixen?' she asked. 'I'm a fox as you put it. In my town I'm called a male, a boy, or a man.' He answered. 'Now out of curiosity tell me what you are.' He said.

'Vixen…' she answered stopping not too far away from the water. 'A real pretty one at that, you're coat looks soft.' He grinned. '…I suppose it is…where is you're fur?' she asked.

'I don't have fur. I only have skin and hair.' He replied. The human and the vixen sat there talking with each other until night fall when the human, Maru had to leave. For the next few months they found it routine to meet up at the vixen's favorite pond talking and playing.

One day Maru and the vixen were talking as usual relaxing in the water when the human called to her. 'Vixen-chan, I have something I must tell you.' He said swimming up to her. 'What is it Maru-san?' She asked. He bit his lip not sure how to put his news. 'Um…after tomorrow…we won't be able to meet up anymore…my fiancé is getting suspicious since I've been turning down every offer to go to her palace or even go out for that matter…' he said nervously.

The vixen froze in her movements and stared at him with wide golden orbs. 'W…why would she be suspicious? H…haven't you told her where run off to everyday?' she asked quickly recovering. Maru bit his lip shaking his head. 'No…I couldn't do that…I can't have her bothering us here…this is our time. Besides she annoys me and is always so clingy…she reminds me of a leech…and if I had my choice I'd prefer to pick my own bride instead of my parents doing it for me…' he paused in his speech.

'You can't?' the vixen asked. The human shook his head before answering. 'No I can't…besides the one I want…I don't know much about her… where she came from…her name even.' He smiled sadly. 'I…I see…' she said turning her back to the human so he couldn't see her teary eyes. It just so happened that she fell in love with the human called Maru during the short time they spent together, yet she could do nothing about it seeing as she was a mere vixen and he was a healthy young man.

'S…she's one lucky girl then…' she said laughing weakly, trying to keep her ears and tail from falling. 'No, I'm the lucky one. She's so beautiful and kind I've never met anyone like her.' He said with a small smile. 'I see…well I hope you find out more about her. You deserve someone who is willing to put up with your nearly insane ways.' She tried joking with him to distract herself from the pain in her chest. He chuckled at that. 'Yes well she's pretty insane herself.' He said staring at the vixen with a longing look. 'I see…' she muttered. –I can't do this…I have to go now or he'll find out and…- a single tear slid down her face as she climbed out of the water.

'Vixen-chan?' he asked walking towards her. 'I…I need get back to my pack…their nothing without their leader…' she muttered quietly waling off and leaving a hurt and confused human in her wake. The small vixen ran until she arrived in front of the guardian of the forest, at that moment her legs decided to give out making her fall in front of the pure and glowing deity panting. 'M…Midori-sama…p…please I beg of you…I need you to make me like Maru-san…' the fox cried out not giving the forest deity a chance to speak. 'I…I want to confess my love to him but…a mere vixen like me could never be able t…to…I…' she stopped talking using her paw to wipe her eyes. 'I'm sorry love; I can't make you a human. I don't think you really want to leave your pack behind they need you.' She said with a truly sorry smile.

'B…but I must become human! I can't lose him…I…I've fallen in l…love with him and I know we can't be together if I'm like this…and…and he's already to be married to someone else tomorrow…but he…he doesn't like her…and I want him to be happy…so…so I want to be human to find this girl he likes…' she ended in a quiet tone. 'Please I need to get into his village to find her and that's the only way…' she cried. Midori-sama smiled kneeling down before her vixen child laying a gentle hand between her ears. 'I won't make you human. I'd just regret the day that I took away you're pride as a fox…but if you really want to be with him…perhaps I can do something…else.' She grinned.

The vixen looked up at her with tear stained fur. 'This is all I can do for you though…'

'Tell me! Please Midori-sama I need to know what you can do for me!' the vixen begged. 'Shh, calm down my child and I'll explain. I was going to ask one of my other children if they would've liked to volunteer but it seems like you want this.' She sighed standing up from her kneeling position. 'I can turn you into a fox human hybrid as the humans would say, but that's not it just in looks. In all reality you'll be a Hakairen.' She explained. "Hakai…ren?" she asked in confusion. 'Yes, unlike what the humans call hybrids you won't age once you hit you're first heat in this form. All you're senses will be heightened tenfold compared to that of my normal children. That's just a few of the changes you'll experience.' She smiled.

'Y…you mean you can do that…? A…and I…I'll be able to mate with Maru-san after all?' The vixen asked excitedly. 'Yes, but I would need to change him too. A downside is that once you mate and bonded, when you're mate dies and you're too heartbroken…you'll soon follow…' The vixen's eyes widened at the statement. The graceful creature gulped her tail fallings slightly at the thought. 'I…I don't care. I'll do it. I want…no need to be with my human.' She looked up at her deity with pretty golden orbs filled with determination. The golden haired goddess smiled at her. 'Very will then my child, but once I do this and you have finally become one you must promise to return at least once a year and when you're kit is born.' She replied watching the fox's tail swish lightly. 'Oh thank you Midori-sama! I'll do as you wish and more.' She yipped hyperly. 'I must go back and tell him!' she turned tail and ran back to the lake.

'Maru-san I have some good news!" he yipped hyperly expecting a reply getting none. You see, while she was talking to their goddess he left heartbroken that his one true love ran away thinking she didn't want to see him again seeing as he was betrothed to another. The vixen took notice quickly, her happiness of her freshly discovered plan quickly died. 'He left…maybe he thought…but…I can't be sure it was me he was talking about. Maybe he doesn't care.' She whimpered sitting down, her ears and tail drooping at the thought. 'I was a fool for believing I could ever be with someone like that.' Tears matted her fur by her eyes as she cried her heart out. Soon after calming down she got up ad slowly went back to her brothers and sisters ignoring all of their questions and crawling into her den.

The next day, Midori-sama came into their village stopping in front of the sad vixen's home.

'My child you must come out of there I can't stand to see you this way.' The worry in her goddess's voice was clear making the fox feel guilty fast, but still she gave no answer. This went on for days. Those days soon turned to months and those months to years.

'Midori-sama…' she came out from her den after only leaving for certain things. 'Ah, it's so very good to see you again my child.' She smiled at the vixen. 'Yes, it's good to be out…but I still can't forget about Maru-san. I know it's been many years and I haven't seen hide or hair of my love.' She looked down sadly. 'but…I still want to find his true love so they can be reunited and he can get away from the evil he calls a wife.' The deity smiled running a hand over her copper toned ears. 'I see. So I think now is the best time to bestow upon you our deal. Stand still for me and close you're eyes.' Doing as told, the vixen was soon wrapped up in a blinding light that quickly faded. In the place where a beautiful copper fox once stood was a woman. Her long copper toned hair and beautiful golden orbs surrounded by delicately tanned skin. 'You may open you're eyes now love. I have now given you you're Hakairen form.' The beauty opened her eyes staring face to face with her goddess. 'Hakairen…Midori-sama. What do I look like?' she asked. Midori-sama chuckled with a small smile. 'It's a surprise, but I will tell you this. You're ears and tail remains. So take caution when you go into the human town be sure to cover them so you won't be attacked.' She warned.

Heeding the warning she headed off into the town, the hood of her cloak safely covered her precious ears and it was long enough to cover her fluffy tail. 'I'm coming Maru-san…I will find this girl you treasure so much and bring you both together.' She vowed heading out, her goddess watching over the now Hakairen."

The story continues on to say that once she found her love, she apologized for not finding the girl of his dreams and for the loss of his bride. She spent time at his humble abode and he soon discovered she was the beautiful copper fox he had grown so fond of. A couple years later after he had also been transformed into a fox Hakairen, they had a kit. That is where the great Conchita Misaki is told to have been born. And the Hakairen race had begun to rule over the land that was soon taken over by the Kash.