It was the month of June. Gunnar Newton realized that being roommates with Steve Griswold wasn't working out, so he could agree with Gunnar it didn't work out. He didn't mind keeping the place and rooming with somebody else. Gunnar didn't have any ideas who to room with. He was going to eat lunch with his girlfriend, Carla Sanchez and talk to her and see if she had any ideas where he could room. He couldn't believe how hot Las Vegas could get in the summertime. He left his office from Wal – Mart that hot Wednesday afternoon at twelve o'clock and drove to the Las Vegas Public Library to pick Carla up. He found Carla waiting for him as she usually did.

"Good afternoon, Carla," Gunnar said as he opened the passenger's door and she put the seatbelt on.

He got back into the driver's seat and buckled himself again and then they drove away from the library.

"Should we go to Olive Garden?" Gunnar asked.

"Sure. Sounds great," Carla said, liking the idea he suggested.

Off they went to the nearest Olive Garden in town.

"Once we're seated, Carla, dearest, there's something I need to ask you about," Gunnar said.

"What's that? You can ask me now if you'd like," Carla said.

"Okay. The thing is, rooming with Steve Griswold isn't working out. I'm moving out. Do you have any ideas where I can move in until I have my own place again?" Gunnar asked.

"That's too bad it didn't work out with Steve like you two had thought. Let me talk with Marlene and see if you can move in with us," Carla said.

"Okay. You don't have to do that," Gunnar said.

"I know we don't but you're my boyfriend, right? Maybe there is another room in our apartment for you. Let me see what I can do when I come home from work tonight and double – check and see if there's room for three," Carla said.

"Okay. Thanks, but you don't have to squish me in," Gunnar said.

"Who said I was squishing, honey bun? I said I was gonna check for room to see if you could room in and make it three," Carla said to her performer businessman boyfriend.

"I don't like to ruin your privacy with Marlene if you two are rooming together. I could always find somewhere else to stay," Gunnar said.

"Let me talk with Marlene first and see if she'll let you move in," Carla said.

"What about your landlord? Would your landlord be suspicious about me living with you cousins?" Gunnar asked.

"After all, I am your boyfriend," Gunnar said.

"After all, Marlene and I know you're my boyfriend, Gunnar. The landlord and his wife don't know that. It may be true he might be suspicious at first about your moving in with me and Marlene. Don't worry, Marlene and I will take care of the landlord," Carla said.

"You will? Thanks, Carla. I'll bring some of my stuff this weekend if Marlene okays me," Gunnar said.

"Heck, she loved you the minute you two first met," Carla said.

"I remember that. Remember she threw me that flirt with a wink," Gunnar said, remembering their first meeting.

"That's right. She did," Carla said.

"What is your landlord's name? I need to know in case I move in with you ladies," Gunnar said.

"His name is Lucas Porter," Carla said.

"Thanks. I needed that info. Are they nice people?" Gunnar asked.

"They're pretty nice. They have children, though. The children are grown so they don't live in the apartment anymore. They only come for the holidays," Carla said.

"I see."