At the crack of dawn, Lucas and Edit were still under the covers when Lucas heard the door of Marlene and Carla's door slam. He wondered who was leaving at an hour like this. He started getting out of bed when Edith stopped him.

"Don't you dare think about it," she said to him.

He knew already that she knew he was thinking about it. She kept her grip on his pajamas until Gunnar slammed the apartment door and was gone. Gunnar was up early because he had rehearsal for a show that afternoon and had to get ready for recording a new album that morning as well.

Lucas now stretched after Edith let go of him and went to take a shower. He hoped today would be a good day to talk to Marlene and Carla in private if the two were at home today. While he was in the shower, Edith went to make breakfast. Today's meal: eggs, coffee, water, bacon, toast, and jam.