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Chapter 2: Guys Don't Wear Aprons

Well I realized my mistake when Lauren handed me an apron. Cause in Neil's Guy Handbook it clearly states in rule 132 Guys do not wear aprons. The only cool thing was that I got this little rectangle with my name on it! Lauren says I have to put it on my apron.

I walked into Bath and Body Works for the second time in my life, wait actually I think it would be the third… oh well, you guys get the idea.

One look at Julia and I would probably be knocking down a new shelf. I decided to not look at her.

"Hey Neil!" Said Lauren, "Psyched for your first day? I know I am!" Lauren told me with a fake smile. After that she went back to filing her nails.

"Hi." I said trying to keep my mind off Julia.

"Do you have any questions on your first day?" Lauren said with her dumb blonde smile. (she's actually a brunette)

"Yeah on an estimate how many foreign ladies come here everyday? And can we set up one of those security checks they have at airports to make sure there are no items in there purses that way over 30 pounds?" I asked her.

"Um that's quite and interesting question Percy. Well I really don't know how many foreign ladies come to our store everyday, and no there will not be a security check." She said trying to hold back a laugh while swinging her nail filer around

"Julia?" Lauren said calling her.

"Yes?" Julia said walking over to us.

"Can you help Neil out today? And Summer can you do second shift with him?" Lauren asked the girls.

Both girls agreed.

"Alright Neil, everyone has 3 shifts they work. Each shift is 2 hours, so you are ultimately working 6 hours in the day. So you Neil are working from 8 am to 2 pm. So you Julia, Summer, and Kelly have the first 3 shifts. Then when you leave another 4 girls come in to work 2 pm through 8 pm. Does that make any sense to you?" Lauren asked me with wide eyes.

"Sure but there is just one thing, you said then another 4 girls come in. Does that mean that I'm the only guy working here?" I asked her cause that would really be awkward if I was.

"Um… Yes Neil it does."

"Oh." I said thinking that through.

"Everyone shop opens in 5 minutes!" Lauren told the 4 of us.

"Wait Lauren when is our lunch break?" I asked because I didn't have breakfast.

"At two when your shifts are over."

"No breaks?" I whined. I need sugar or else I will go into a coma and that will be the last you heard of Neil Finch.

"Sorry Neil but this is real hardcore working." Julia said sarcastically.

"Eat a really good breakfast before you come." Summer said twisting her red pony tail, "that's what I always do."

"Sounds wonderful." I lied.

The first customers came in and gave me a strange look.

"What you never saw a guy work at a girl's store?" I said to the lady giving me a strange look.

"Sorry." Said the woman, and she scattered away to look at the soap.

"Well I haven't" said a teenage girl chewing bubblegum.

"Looks like you skipped a century girly." I said to her.

"Neil please don't argue with the customers." Julia whispered to me.

"Julia, this girl just like totally made me feel bad, let's kick her out with a broom!" I told her.

"First of all customers are a good thing no matter what they act like. Oh and too bad Neil because this store it broom free." She told me and rolled her stormy eyes.

"LIAR!" I yelled at her and she took a step back from me, "I saw Kelly sweeping the floor with one today so haha in your face."

"Whatever, but next time don't yell liar in my face it gives us a bad rep." after that she left to go help a different customer.

I guess you could say my first day went well considering I didn't get fired, but you could also say it sucked considering I got 24 warnings in a 6 hour period. In my opinion it was a nightmare.

As my mom was chopping up onions that afternoon I was sitting on the couch watching Nei-how Kai-lan with my mom's friend's daughter who we have to babysit. It's a pretty weird show let me tell you, it's about a Chinese girl named Kai-lan who has all these weird animal friends.

My mom asked the dreaded question, "How was your first day?"

"Ok." I said deciding not to tell her about the 24 warnings I got.

Our conversation was interrupted by my phone ringing. I looked to see who was calling. It was Mint.

"Hi Mint." I said answering the call.

"You better earn the money!" She screamed through the phone. No hello or lovely to be speaking with you this fine day Neil just a 'you better earn the money.'

"I'm working on it ok." I told her.

"Well it better be fast because my new car needs to be repaired and after repair shops cars smell so I need a new one instead.

"Woah woah wait I'm earning the money for Bath and Body Works not for you." I told her in case she was confused, because I know I get confused a lot.

"Yeah Neil I know that, the money for my car that you damaged while taking a joy ride with my brand new green convertible, does that sound familiar to you?"

I thought for a moment then I did remember that night. Please people don't blame me I have ADHD remember! Think of the children!

"Oh yeah I do remember that come to think of it. Please don't kill me." I said quietly.

"I won't kill you yet, it just better happen soon." And with that she hung up.

I slammed my phone on the coffee table.

"What's wrong honey?" My mom asked me.

"GameStop is out of the video game I ordered that's all." I said. Lying to my mom felt bad but hey I did it about 3 times a day so it wasn't too bad this time.

"Gosh Neil! Kids and there video games these days." She said shaking her head and laughing.

Now I realized I'd better come up with double the money or Mr. Mere would put me in a pretty tight situation…

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