I wasn't sure what it was I was injecting into my arm, but it felt right.
It wasn't worth living anymore.
My mother committed suicide after my dad left her. My best friend had stopped talking for me for a while now and for that reason I've stopped going to school. My boyfriend left me for another girl and I've been bullied way too much.
The bath was running and getting rather full. I striped off and stammered my way over to the tub. I dipped my hand into the warm water and then hopped in. My vision was starting to go blurry. I took a small breath and put my head under the water. I breathed in some of the water, and it took so much strength to keep my head down. After a while of breathing in the water my vision started to fade into darkness.


That was the sensation I felt before they woke me. It was like I was falling into what I wanted. But no, I wasn't falling into death. I fell into the bitter taste of reality. I was on a bed with an oxygen mask on my face, most likely in the hospital. People were rushing around, checking my pulse and feeling my forehead.

When I was allowed to go, someone "special" came to pick me up. We didn't go the way to my home. He took me to somewhere I can "rest for a while". He was going the way to the mental asylum down the road. As soon as I figured out where he was taking me, I grabbed his arms and clawed at his face. The car steered off the road and I jumped out of the window just in time. The car hit a telegraph pole and burst into flames.
The man didn't come out. Or make a sound. Or survive.

The asylum eventually got a hold of me. They slapped me in a straight jacket and whizzed me off into my own padded cell.

All I wanted was to die.

They had no say in this.

But it was all okay.

I'd find a way to leave this world one day.